Saturday, January 21, 2012

Work in Progress

I am currently working on the second installment of Salin's Salvations series.  I started the series with Surrender Serenity:

Their planet was dead and their race doomed…

When the elders of their civilization realized they had overtaxed the resources of their beloved planet, they sent ships with members from their race to other planets in the universe that could support life. They died with their planet with the knowledge that their people would live on.

He came across the Galaxy searching for the answer to a dying race…

Eon’s people always took care of their planet of Salin, having learned from their ancestors mistakes. When a virus ravages the female population leaving most females dead and those who survived infertile, their people search endlessly for a way to save their people from disappearing from existence, but nothing seems to work. Out of hope and desperate, a seer gives them one last hope, EARTH. Chosen by the council, Eon and his lifelong friend Kylan embark on a journey to the planet which may hold the key to their race’s continuation. He doesn’t expect to find her, a girl he dreamed of as a child.

She was just a nurse content with her job but always feeling as if she were missing something…

Serenity doesn’t understand why she is so attracted to this alien and why she isn’t hysterical when he kidnaps her and her best friend, Anna. He touches a part of her long dormant. When he takes her to his planet, the virus that their people thought had been defeated threatens to steal her life. In those moments between life and death, dreams plague her, telling her that all is not as it seems.

Now I am following that up with Ember, a woman who trusted and married the wrong man.  She is saved by Ceylon, a broken hearted Salinian who lost his mate, Ashwin to the terrible disease that ravaged Salin,  Now she must learn to trust and he must learn to love again.  But, those pesky bad guys are up to their own brand of bad, so what is the fate of Salin?

Find out in Embracing Ember!

Tenative release to in early March!

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