Friday, November 30, 2012

Work In Progress!

My current WIP is the third installment of Salin's Salvation, entitled Maria's Match.  I'm still in the "writing" portion of the project, but it usually goes pretty smooth-as long as the characters behave!  After I get all of their drama, mystery and steam typed out, then I can start the grueling process of editing.  Writing is the fun and easy part, but editing...well...for me, not so much!  But just for you guys here is an unedited snippet from Maria's Match...

“Are you okay?”
His whispered question only made the tears start again.  He didn’t push her away.  He didn’t press her for more information.  He simply held her as she bathed his chest in her tears.  Finally, the tears stopped and she was relieved that she could finally see his face without the sheen of tears to blur her vision.  He regarded her with furrowed brows.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For vomiting on you.”
“No worries about that.  Are you okay?”
“I don’t know.  I can’t quit vomiting.  I was just telling...”
“Yes.  I heard.  You need a doctor, but you haven’t gone to one.”
“Hey! I can’t help that!  I’m carrying an alien’s baby!”
He released her as though she were a hot coal, his nostrils flaring.  She wished she could take it back, take her words back.  She placed a hand over her stomach and rubbed soothing circles over where a baby resided.  Her baby.  His baby.  She sighed.  Sometimes she forgot that it wasn’t just her involved in this fiasco.  He was here, which was more than she could say for some men.
“I’m sorry.  I just don’t know what to do.  I don’t know if it’s a crime.  I mean they’ll never believe that I don’t know anything since I slept with you.  Hell, they’ll think I’m just a whore if I didn’t do it for information.”
Maria gasped when Silvius pinned her against the counter.  He grasped her hair and brought her face to his.  She was awed at the anger she seen reflected in his blue eyes.  
“Is that why?”
“Calm yourself, mijo.”
Maria looked to the side to see her abuela just watching and it seemed as if she watched with interest.  Silvius had never been anything but patient with her, but his body didn’t scream patience right now.
“Answer me, Maria!”
She flinched.
“Why what?”
“Is that why you let me make love to you?  For information?”
Maria struggled to get loose from his hold, but he was stronger than she imagined.  How could he think so little of her?  She couldn’t take it anymore.  Maria brought her knee up, kicking him in the thigh beside his groin.  Sure, she could’ve been a bitch and kick him in the family jewels, but she just wanted him to release her.  She hated the feeling of being held so firmly, his face merely inches from hers.  It reminded her too much of the way he would kiss her, his tongue snaking into her mouth to duel with her own.  He didn’t seem to feel her kick to his inner thigh, instead his grip got tighter.
He stared into her eyes and Maria squirmed under his intense scrutiny.  He relinquished his almost bruising hold and held her close, his breaths coming in almost pants.  What was this all about?
“The point is I need to see a doctor.  I need prenatal care, Silvius, and I don’t want to become an experiment since this is your baby, too.”
He pulled back and nodded before leaving her with her abuela.  Maria collapsed in the chair.

I hope to be finished with Maria's Match by the beginning of 2013...So, hopefully a January 2013 release!!! Cross your fingers!

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Also, a new endeavor...I am a big reader...Just check me out on Goodreads!  Anyways, about once every two weeks, or more often, I'll include a review of a book I've purchased and read!  Not a big lengthy piece of fluff, but my gut!  I absolutely looooved this book!!!!  I picked up the other in the series right away, because I just couldn't resist the temptation!

Until next time...Take your adventures, one page at a time!


Monday, November 26, 2012

If My Head Wasn't Attached!!!!

I lose everything...from my keys to my purse to my well, everything.  I lost my debit card yesterday, and let me tell you..I wasn't aware of how dependent I am on that little buggar.  First, I canceled my card like a responsible adult.  Then, having forgot went to purchase some things with my Amazon account (books, yeah you guessed it!  But hey, in my defense I had found out Exiled: Brides of the Kindred Number 7 was out and I wanna read it...Not to mention...all those super cool books I'm finding on the Year End Splash!)  Anyways, it didn't work and I'm going through withdrawals :(!  
So as I wait impatiently for another debit card, I must make my time off (just one more day, sigh!) go by with WoW (not a big deal) or writing(which I love)...But in my heart and mind I'm sitting there reading Exiled and enjoying every minute of it.  Sigh.

Oh yeah...Today is my chat day during the Year End Splash!  Drop by and ask me a question or whatever you fancy!  I'll be there!  And there is an extra special treat for those who drop by...I'm not telling!

Oh and by the way, if you were wondering...the link for Exile by Evangeline Anderson is: HERE!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Something to Think About

It's Sunday!  I'm back with Something to Think About!!!  I've got a double dose for you today!!!

"A Promiscuous person is a person who is getting more sex than you are."  

-Victor Lownes

"And why is it that some men just can't deal with the idea that a smart, together, professional woman like me can actually deserve their respect and still want to be thrown down on the couch and pounded like a cheap steak now and then?" 

-Author Unknown

So, any random thoughts?  My mind took a turn for the worse ;) at being thrown down on the couch and being pounded like cheap steak!

Okay, back from my dirty thoughts!  

Know anything about Maslow's hierarchy of Needs?  Well, in nursing school this was a staple (at least in mine).  Maslow was a psychologist who had this theory that we have a set of needs as people and that these needs are arranged in a hierarchy fashion...Kind of like when you play WoW and you can't get to other quests until you finish some of the ones that you're currently on?  Lost you?  In essence, certain needs on the hierarchy must be met in order for other higher level needs to be met.

It is arranged in a pyramid fashion with the base needs being on the bottom (whoa!).
The base is made up of physiological needs such, water, shelter, sleep and sex.

SEX?  Yep, SEX!  But not in the way you're thinking! We as a species need sex (for procreation).  Without it we would die off.  But we have artificial insemination, so all is not lost you say?

Wrong...Higher in the hierarchy after base needs have been met and safety needs are out of the way, we humans crave love and belonging.  We want to be accepted and loved by family, friends and that oh so special someone(s).

Where are you going with this?

Okay, I'll spill!  Most of you know I'm deep in the third installment of the Salin's Salvation series, Maria's Match.  When I created the story, I thought, what is the best way to take out a species?  Of course, eradication right away would be a very short book indeed...

Once upon a time, there was a planet.  Some aliens blew it up and there were no survivors.  The end.  

Although I will say, I have read an interesting series about such a thing, but there were survivors and the plot thickened and I wanted one of the survivors...HERE.

Anyways....My evil villains released a virus that not only took out a big chunk of the population (women and children), but altered their ability to procreate.  It wouldn't allow for Salinians to procreate with Salinians.  But wait!  Yeah, yeah...I took out more than just their procreation abilities, whipping the base need for sex right out from under them.  But we aren't just our base needs.  I took their safety.  There is a very real threat hovering out in space somewhere.  And I took their love and belonging.  I've made the women feel useless and the males to be overpopulated when taking into account the few females available.  But there is more...

It's a surprise.  I'm hoping to be done with Maria's Match in time for the New Year!!!  I know.  I am slower than Christmas, but in my defense, I am a nurse by night and write in my spare time during the day.

:)  Don't forget to Check out the Year End Splash! on the Romance Reviews!  I won a free ebook last week!  Having Thyne by Kharisma Rhayne!  Thanks Kharisma for the free ebook!  So, don't miss your chance to win some free stuff.  Now if you'll excuse me...I've got some reading to do!

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Year End Splash!

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Also as today is Black Friday, everyone have a safe day!  Don't get too viscous with the sales!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope that you have a blessed holiday!! As for me, I'll be standing watch at the Local ER!! Big thanks to all you EMS, Nurses, Doctors, Police and Military who sacrifice time with family to keep us safe this holiday!! Also special thanks to the grocery store personnel who will sell me the forgotten cranberry sauce this morning!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To, Too and Two!

There are lists of words that sound alike and people often use incorrectly. A set of those words is to, too and two. Yeah, two is pretty easy to differentiate from the others, but to and too...even I have to think sometimes!

Let's make it simple:

Two- The number. Two of something. Ex. There are two cats in the box.

To- used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from. Ex. I went to the concert last night.

Too-in addition; also; furthermore; moreover; to an excessive extent or degree; beyond what is desirable, fitting, or right

So, let's have some fun with this!

I am two tired. Today I went too the market from six too four. I stood in line to. Buying items for to weeks is just exhausting. That is why I am two tired.

I don't know why I find this hilarious. I guess I'm just a nerd that way!

What started this?  A co-worker who thrives on finding grammatical and spelling errors.  It drives her absolutely insane and we love to make sure she is never completely sane!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Thank goodness it is Friday!!!  And while to others that will mean a weekend off to enjoy a good book or play your favorite video game (it's what I do!), for me it means tonight is the beginning of a three day work weekend!  You got it!  I'm going to be a nurse for the next few nights!  

Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend!

Also, don't forget to try your hand at the Year End Splash!  Go over to the Romance Reviews (, follow the link to the Year End Splash! and play.  Remember that you have to register!  It's quick and easy to do so.  Grand Prize is a $100 gift card!  There are tons of other prizes too!

A Game of Cat & Mouse was released yesterday and I'm super excited to see how y'all liked it!  I've already got a Five Star rating at ARe!  You don't know how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel :)!

Thanks everyone!  

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Year End Splash!!

Take a few moments and check out The Romance Reviews!!!

Their Year End Splash starts...Today!

Don't miss your opportunity to enter the contests and get to know some authors.  Add to your TBR pile!

A Game of Cat & Mouse came out today!!!  I'm excited about the first book of the Pinewood Creek Series and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Right now I'm deep into Maria's Match, the third book of Salin's Salvation!  I hope to have it ready for the New Year!!!  I am also working on State of Resistance, the second book in the Chronicles of JJ series!  Thanks everyone for such a great year!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A Game of Cat & Mouse is coming out....TOMORROW!!!! YEAH!

Here is the 1st CHAPTER! 

Caleb Anderson lazed in the woods beside his house, the small stream lulling him as he lay upon the rock enjoying the afternoon sun.  He needed this more often.  It’d been too long since he last allowed his cougar free, and he was feeling the stress, especially with the females trying to gain his attention and vying for him to claim one of them as his alpha female.  To top it off, the office had been hectic lately.  Caleb loved being an architect, and he realized how lucky he was to have his own contracting firm at the age of thirty.  Lately though he had felt the weight of maintaining his own business and keeping the pride from breaking apart at the seams. 
Caleb had prayed to the powers that be more over the past year than he could ever remember at any other time.  The deaths of his parents had not required so much prayer, although admittedly, he was praying for different things.  His parents’ deaths had left him in charge of the whole pride.  He’d needed guidance, help to run a pride he’d not planned on running for a long time.  Thoughts of his parents’ sudden deaths caused his heart to ache in an all-too-familiar way. 
Caleb’s parents had died in a car crash.  It’d been a one-vehicle incident.  It looked as if his father had swerved to the left, hitting a tree.  The police assumed it was just his father’s attempt to miss some of the area wildlife, and he couldn’t right himself before crashing.  Whatever the reason, it had left Caleb with the whole pride, alone, without an alpha female.
Caleb wished his father were here now.  His father had been a wise and proud leader.  Everyone had loved his father and simply adored his mother.  Caleb knew he would never be as great as his parents, but he would strive to make them proud.  He knew one thing for certain; he would only take an alpha female when he found his true mate.  However, the females of his pride didn’t seem to understand that concept. 
From long ago, his mother’s voice came back to him as she tucked her six-year-old boy into bed. 
“Son, when the time comes to find a mate, don’t settle, baby.  Don’t settle for anything less than your true mate.  I wouldn’t want my son to be anything but happy.”
“Like you and Daddy?”
Caleb’s mother smiled at him, her golden brown eyes lighting with a dreamy gaze. 
“Yes, sweetheart, just like me and Daddy.”
Stretching out his claws scraping against the rock, Caleb turned lazily to the other side.  This was his favorite spot, just a few miles within the woods behind his house.  The thick wooded area thinned out around the stream that wove through much of the pride’s property, and the rocks that surrounded the small meandering body of water allowed for some decent sunning spots during the afternoon.  Caleb could still remember playing here as a kitten with other boys in the pride.  He could also remember getting in trouble and his mother spanking him.  Caleb allowed the sound of the stream to pull him into a nap.  Yes, a nap was what he needed.  Every cat needed a catnap.
A scent tickled his nose, pulling him back from what promised to be a blessed dream world.  This scent had him up and searching for the source before he realized what he was doing.  Caleb had to find it.


Miranda Sullivan could not believe her luck of becoming lost and in mouse form no less.  All she had wanted to do was explore some of the wooded area surrounding her home, but after a few hours of walking around in circles, she was totally exhausted.  Now all she wanted was to get back to her new house, the one-bedroom, one-bath cottage she’d fallen instantly in love with.  What wasn’t to love with its light blue paint and dark blue trim, the little bay window in the living room that allowed the light to shine through in the morning, and the flower garden in the back had enticed her to sign the lease?
At first, she hadn’t been too keen on the whole move-out-on-her-own thing.  Miranda had actually enjoyed living with her family.  However, the truth of the matter was she’d graduated college, earned her degree in elementary education, and had even earned the position at Pinewood Creek Elementary School.  Therefore, she couldn’t let all her hard work go to waste, but letting go of the security provided by living with her parents had been difficult.
Miranda gave a squeak of distress as her frustration mounted.  Yeah, it would be easier to find her way in human form, but walking around naked in the woods was one way to attract attention – and probably not the kind she wanted. 
Turning around in a circle, she finally heard the trickling of water.  Well, even if she didn’t find her way out of this seemingly endless forest anytime soon, she was still parched.  At least if she followed the sound of the stream, she could assuage her thirst if nothing else, and maybe she would find a way out of this never-ending forest.
Her heart nearly exploded out of her chest when the shadow fell over her, but she almost wet herself when she looked up to find sharp teeth, sharp claws, and the attention of an honest-to-gods cougar.

Get your copy tomorrow @ ARe, Amazon, or Smashwords!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Game of Cat & Mouse

Random Chapter...8
First 4 sentences...

The old mine encampment was an accident waiting to happen.  Someone had taken what seemed minimal amounts of time to nail boards haphazardly over the entrance and crumbling shacks were scattered everywhere.  Despite the smell of decay and dirt, Miranda could still smell Gunner’s unique scent and the remnants of the tuna fish sandwich he’d eaten for supper.
“He’s here,” Miranda said as she followed her nose to entrance of the mine.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Character Spotlight

Let's meet another character from A Game of Cat & Mouse...

Meet Caleb Anderson:

Caleb is a cougar shifter and alpha of the Pinewook Creek Cougar Pride!  With brown hair and sexy golden brown eyes he is one cougar shifter the females are finding hard to resist and that's before he starts to purr!

He was an only child, but had enough friends in the pride to stir up trouble as a child.  Did you expect anything less of the alpha's son?  He is still working through his parents sudden and tragic death in a car wreck.  Trained from birth to be the next Pinewood Creek Cougar Pride Alpha, he still found it difficult to fill his father's shoes.

Read more about Caleb and how one special little mouse turns his world upside down in A Game of Cat & Mouse!

A Game of Cat & Mouse coming out November 15, 2012!  

Congrats to the Print ARC winners from the Goodreads Contest!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Something to Think About!

"There's nothing like overcoming something that scares you so much. Nothing feels better."
-Laura Wilkinson 

What are you going to overcome this week?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Game of Cat & Mouse

Random quotes from the characters you'll meet in A Game of Cat & Mouse!

“Oh my gosh! I just lost my comfort factor.  Don’t you ever wear clothes?”
-Miranda Sullivan, Mouse shifter

“And why not, Miranda?  Is he some kind of coward or something?”
-Emma Sullivan (Miranda's Mother)

“Spanking, huh?  And what makes you think it would be you doing the spanking?”  
-Caleb Anderson, Cougar shifter, Pinewood Creek Cougar Alpha

“I could rig a small explosive.” 
-Zackary Phillips, Cougar shifter

Check out more of these characters antics in A Game of Cat & Mouse on November 15, 2012!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Upcoming Release!

A Game of Cat & Mouse to be released November 15, 2012!

Caleb woke to the sun pouring through the window, his mind slow to catch up as to why he was in an unfamiliar space.  In the dark, he hadn’t properly taken in Miranda’s bedroom. Of course, he’d spent most of his time curled around his mate with the bedroom the furthest thing from his mind.  He smiled as he took in the small space that was perfect for his little mouse.

I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Word of the day!!!

Caracole: : a half turn to right or left executed by a mounted horse

The dictionary is a great tool!
Will you ever use this word? Probably not, unless you rode horses! But at least you know a new word!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Character Spotlight!

A Game of Cat & Mouse release is swiftly approaching...November 15, 2012!!  The suspense is killing me!  LOL!  I'm that person that nearly goes bonkers around Christmas time because I want people to open their presents!!!  

Anyways...I'd like you to meet Miranda Sullivan:

I had the opportunity to interview Miranda before she moved to Pinewood Creek!

AC: Hi, Miranda!  I'm so happy you could meet with me today.

Miranda: Thanks for having me.  I'm sorry I look such a mess!  I've been packing all day.

AC:  Oh, you look just fine, Miranda.  What are you packing for?
Miranda:  Oh, I've just been hired at Pinewood Creek Elementary School!!  I'm so excited!

AC:  I'm sure you are.  That's great!  Congratulations!

Miranda:  Thanks.  I'm really excited!  I recently found this cute little cottage!  It's surrounded by the woods and there's this little flower garden in the back.

AC:  I'm happy for you.  What do your parents think about you moving.

Miranda:  I think Mom's going to take it pretty hard.  I'm the baby.  She was pretty distraught when Brice went into the Military. She won't admit it but she's been crossing off the days on the calendar until he comes home for Christmas.  She was just as upset when Andrew left for his residency.  

AC:  Wow!  Three children!  When did your mom find the time for anything else.

Miranda: chuckles There's also Cassie.  She married her high school sweetheart, but at least she'll be close to home.

AC:  So, is there anyone special in your life?

Miranda: No.  But maybe I'll find someone in Pinewood Creek.

AC: Maybe you will.  Hope you have a wonderful day, Miranda and an even better move.

Miranda:  Thanks.  Sorry to just run, but I've got so much to pack!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Excerpt!

So, a random number was picked and I looked up the page number (27) and took the second random number(5) to write down the first five sentences!

Caleb stood in the doorway, the evening sunlight bathing him lovingly with its rays.  He wore a white buttoned-down shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows and tucked into a pair of khaki slacks.
He reached for her, and she [Miranda] didn't think twice before she stepped into his embrace, sighing at the sense of homecoming she felt in his arms.
"Miss me?"
"More than you'll ever know."

A Game of Cat & Mouse to release November 15, 2012!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just for laughs!

Because we all need to laugh!!!

I thought it was funny!  I'm a Glee fan and I love Jane Lynch.  Have I read her book?  No, but don't tell her!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What's in a name?

Choosing character's names has to be the most intense portion of any character creation.  They're my babies and we all know the intense hunt for baby names!  There are gobs and gobs of websites, books and articles written on what a parent should name their baby.  Apparently it's important - no matter what Shakespeare implied...

  "What's in a name? that which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet;" 
Juliet from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Hey, names mean a lot to us or we wouldn't fret over what to name our children right?  So, the same can be said about my character's names!

So, how do I choose a character's name?

It depends...

They come to me in three ways...
  • A character is born from his or her name.  I have a name in my head and a distinct personality that goes along with it.  Anna was that character.  I know what you're thinking...Anna was a secondary character!  Yeah, you know how secondary characters can be...Cropping up when we least expect it!  Anna is deep, but she keeps it bottled.  Such a simple name for a character that we've only scratched the surface with.  It's always the quiet ones.
  • A character is born without a name.  I see them as a real person that I don't know and they need a name - much like a new parent.  Unlike a new parent, these characters take on a life of their own until they begged to be named, at which time I scour certain sites for a suitable name...Brenna (you'll meet her in A Game of Cat & Mouse) was like this.  She had a face and a personality, but no name.
  • A search for one of the above brings a name into my mind that won't stop!!!  The name has to be used.  Oftentimes when I'm searching for a name I use baby name websites or this really cool app called Name-a-tron.  Not only does this app give a first name, but it supplies a last name also.  These names become characters much like the first option... Daphne (I'll share a little bit about her in a little bit) was this character.
When I notice the names are doing weird things...

What do you mean by that???

Here's a list just from A Game of Cat & Mouse!

  • Miranda is a mouse shifter.  I never intended for her name to start with a M on purpose.  It happened and half-way through the fifth or sixth read through I noticed it.  Oh but wait...It gets better!
  • Caleb is a Cougar shifter, and as with Miranda I never intended for the C to be an intentional thing. By the time I noticed these things it was too late.   Caleb was Caleb and Miranda was Miranda.
  • And to top the cake!!!!  Daphne is a wolf shifter we meet later in the book.  Daphne was one of the names that got pushed to the side for Miranda.  Why?  Oh because any Daphne has to have red hair!  Miranda has brown.  Anyways, I needed a name for a wolf shifter and she was perfect!  So Daphne with the red hair and being a wolf shifter was born!!  So, why do Daphne's have to have red hair???  Why, Scooby-Doo of course!  I didn't intentionally do this, and it was actually a friend who did a read through that pointed that out.
Have you seen any naming quirks in any of the books you've read?  If you're like me then there are several real people that you've said - oh, you look more like an Emma!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Upcoming Release!!

A Game of Cat & Mouse is set for release on November 15, 2012!!

Enjoy an excerpt...

“Caleb, what are you doing?”  
He didn’t answer, just opened the door and pulled her inside.  Any question she was going to answer was lost when he pinned her against the wall and took her mouth in an almost brutish fashion.  Miranda gasped and relaxed into his onslaught.  She didn’t fully understand his motives at that moment, but he was starting to remove her clothes.  It didn’t matter they were in the middle of a police station because her body was already prepared to take him.  


 Caleb nearly shouted  in victory when she relaxed in his hold, opening her mouth to him.  Caleb plunged his tongue within her mouth, his cougar pacing within his mind at the thought of taking its mate.  His hands found the hem of her shirt, and he broke from her mouth long enough to strip it from her body.  He took her mouth again, delving deep within its depths.  Her bra came off with a mere flick of his hand, and he started working on the button to her pants.  She wound her hands around his neck, and he pushed her pants and panties down.  Using his foot, he stood on them while picking Miranda up and pinning her against the wall. 
Caleb moved down to her throat, nipping and licking at every square inch he could reach.  She moaned when he tongued her mating bite, her hands pulling at his shirt.  Caleb pulled back and pulled his shirt over his head.  He unbuttoned his pants and groaned at how good it felt not to have the zipper pressing against his erection.  
Her voice brought him back from the edge of reason.  He cupped her cheek and looked at her.  She nibbled on her lip that was red and swollen from his kisses.

November 15, 2012!!!  It will be available at ARe, Smashwords, and Amazon!!!