Friday, November 30, 2012

Work In Progress!

My current WIP is the third installment of Salin's Salvation, entitled Maria's Match.  I'm still in the "writing" portion of the project, but it usually goes pretty smooth-as long as the characters behave!  After I get all of their drama, mystery and steam typed out, then I can start the grueling process of editing.  Writing is the fun and easy part, but editing...well...for me, not so much!  But just for you guys here is an unedited snippet from Maria's Match...

“Are you okay?”
His whispered question only made the tears start again.  He didn’t push her away.  He didn’t press her for more information.  He simply held her as she bathed his chest in her tears.  Finally, the tears stopped and she was relieved that she could finally see his face without the sheen of tears to blur her vision.  He regarded her with furrowed brows.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For vomiting on you.”
“No worries about that.  Are you okay?”
“I don’t know.  I can’t quit vomiting.  I was just telling...”
“Yes.  I heard.  You need a doctor, but you haven’t gone to one.”
“Hey! I can’t help that!  I’m carrying an alien’s baby!”
He released her as though she were a hot coal, his nostrils flaring.  She wished she could take it back, take her words back.  She placed a hand over her stomach and rubbed soothing circles over where a baby resided.  Her baby.  His baby.  She sighed.  Sometimes she forgot that it wasn’t just her involved in this fiasco.  He was here, which was more than she could say for some men.
“I’m sorry.  I just don’t know what to do.  I don’t know if it’s a crime.  I mean they’ll never believe that I don’t know anything since I slept with you.  Hell, they’ll think I’m just a whore if I didn’t do it for information.”
Maria gasped when Silvius pinned her against the counter.  He grasped her hair and brought her face to his.  She was awed at the anger she seen reflected in his blue eyes.  
“Is that why?”
“Calm yourself, mijo.”
Maria looked to the side to see her abuela just watching and it seemed as if she watched with interest.  Silvius had never been anything but patient with her, but his body didn’t scream patience right now.
“Answer me, Maria!”
She flinched.
“Why what?”
“Is that why you let me make love to you?  For information?”
Maria struggled to get loose from his hold, but he was stronger than she imagined.  How could he think so little of her?  She couldn’t take it anymore.  Maria brought her knee up, kicking him in the thigh beside his groin.  Sure, she could’ve been a bitch and kick him in the family jewels, but she just wanted him to release her.  She hated the feeling of being held so firmly, his face merely inches from hers.  It reminded her too much of the way he would kiss her, his tongue snaking into her mouth to duel with her own.  He didn’t seem to feel her kick to his inner thigh, instead his grip got tighter.
He stared into her eyes and Maria squirmed under his intense scrutiny.  He relinquished his almost bruising hold and held her close, his breaths coming in almost pants.  What was this all about?
“The point is I need to see a doctor.  I need prenatal care, Silvius, and I don’t want to become an experiment since this is your baby, too.”
He pulled back and nodded before leaving her with her abuela.  Maria collapsed in the chair.

I hope to be finished with Maria's Match by the beginning of 2013...So, hopefully a January 2013 release!!! Cross your fingers!

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Also, a new endeavor...I am a big reader...Just check me out on Goodreads!  Anyways, about once every two weeks, or more often, I'll include a review of a book I've purchased and read!  Not a big lengthy piece of fluff, but my gut!  I absolutely looooved this book!!!!  I picked up the other in the series right away, because I just couldn't resist the temptation!

Until next time...Take your adventures, one page at a time!


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