Sunday, March 31, 2013

Something to Think About...

Since it's Easter, I'm going Easter quotes on ya!  Happy Easter!

"On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer."  
~Douglas Horton

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."
~S.D. Gordon

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review

Mercenary Abduction by Eve Langlais

(This is book 4 in the Alien Abduction series and is preceded by: Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction and Dual Abduction, all of which were pretty dang awesome)

So, picture a purple alien who finds the answer to a mission his aunt decided he should complete for his cousin and discovers the answers to such a prediciment on the very planet he's currently on...A human!

Sent to fetch a nanny for his cousin's demon-possessed child (the kid's not really demon-possessed), Makl is thanking Karma that he runs into a human slave on the auction block, but what good mercenary would purchase a slave fair and square.  Not and ruin his honor and that of his family!  So he abducts her from her new owner and an adventure of a lifetime ensues!  

This book is a wild ride of side-cracking humor, red...I mean purple-hot loving and learning to love again!  

It was a fantastic read!

Buy links and Author website:

Disclaimer: Bought the book and read it.  Loved it enough to write a review.  No affiliation with author, etc.  Didn't get paid, etc.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Astrid's Healthy Choices

Okay, so on this journey to eat more healthy and get into better cardiovascular health, I've stumbled on a few favorites!  I really love quick things to fix.  As the queen of the drive-thru my life has always!  Given that, this list is full of really quick side dishes!

These are my top 5:

Number 5:  Lightly Sauced Broccoli with cheese sauce by Birdseye (website link)
-When they say lightly sauced I was really skeptical.  I mean what's broccoli without loads of cheese?  This was really awesome and for a four to five minute microwave wait it was super really awesome.  I really liked it and stocked my freezer with more!  They also have a carrot, cauliflower and broccoli variety, but I'm not that into maybe I'll give it a try!

Number 4: Lightly Sauced Tuscan Vegetables with Marinara Sauce by Birdseye (website link)

-A melody of squashes, red bell peppers and carrots with a marinara sauce.  This was a really good blend and I tend to like my veggies a little on the mushy side, but if you cook them less they are less mushy.  For a five minute microwave you can't beat it!  This went really good with chicken, baked with Italian seasoning...mmmmm!  My mouth is watering!

Number 3: Allen's tomatoes and okra! (website link)

-I love tomatoes and okra, but I especially love Allen's.  Sure there are other varieties but this is my fav!

Number 2: Jasmine Rice

-There are many kinds of rice and I never appreciated the differences between them until I ate some steamed Jasmine Rice.  It has a better flavor and I love to eat it with just chicken.

Number 1: Lightly Sauced Roasted Red Potatoes & Green Beans with Parmesan Olive Oil Sauce by Birdseye

-I absolutely love this one!   I could eat it with almost every meal.  And it still has that five minute microwave time!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Something to Think About

Time for something to think about this next week...

“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints”
~Willfred Peterson

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Movie vs. Book

When books are made into movies there are two sides of a big fence...
Why should I read the book if there is a movie? 
and the 
The book was better!

Here is my take and I'm about to straddle a pretty big fence...

I believe each form is beautiful in its own way.  For example, the movie is a live action representation of a book that was popular enough to catch Hollywood's eye!  Have I watched a movie then read the book?  Heck yes!  I love comparing the two and I've discovered some pretty great books from movies that I didn't realize were made from books.  So the next time you want to say...The book was better (or vice versa) remember that both forms of entertainment are unique, special, and entertaining!  :)

Friday, March 22, 2013


I've always said that I would never diet...I don't want to do something that has the word die in it!  But, as I weighed during some precious free time in the ER last week I was aghast at the 260 pounds that stared back at me...All those cupcakes and fast food meals laughed at my dismay!  (I heard them)  Which, honestly I could care less about the weight, but my physical condition is less than it used to be...let me put this in perspective:
Approx. 6 years ago I could:

  • Run a mile (not quickly, but I did it without feeling as though my heart would explode!)
  • I was very flexible, despite my curves, and could do the splits, among other feats of flexibility.  I'm still pretty flexible, but I tried the splits a few days ago and it was quite embarrassing!  Thank goodness I was alone.
Now, I refuse to diet, but I will modify my current eating habits!  Which led me to lose five pounds this week!  While that's not typical I do know that when you change eating habits the first few weeks go really well...for example...I cut out sugary beverages and sodas from my daily routine (except sweet tea, I'm from the South and that's just not feasible).  I've also added more vegetables and fruits to my meals.  I'm not a veggie hater, just never got the option to add broccoli and cheese to my cheeseburger at Sonic or McDonald's. 
So with just those little changes I've decreased from 260 to 255!  Now every Friday will be devoted to my progress!  Maybe you can share some of your tips and tricks!

Also, just a (I'm not sure what this is) as a health care professional I will say that I consulted my Doc on these changes.  I got a weird look, but mostly I asked can I begin an exercise regimen?  Well, yes I can, but each person's health is unique and should be evaluated per their physician!  So, today I'm going to get my assessment for the gym and get to moving these luscious curves!  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something to Think About...

Sunday, yet again...Here's a little something to get those gears moving for this week!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
~Walt Emerson

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book Review!!

Alright...It's time for a book review!  

Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen, #1)
by: Rachel Haimowitz

This is a m/m erotic romance with elves and humans...oh my!

Nitty gritty details:  Humankind is preparing for the surge...a battle between the darkers (animals that are hell-bent on ending humanity) and their survival.  Prince Freyrik is in over his head in preparations for this battle...when he is blindsided by Ayden.
Ayden is an elf who despises humans...he has his reasons, but now he's caught between a rock and a hard place (pun intended) when his sister's welfare depends upon his submission to a race he hates the most...humans.  Can Freyrik and Ayden reach common ground, fall in love, overcome centuries of hate and survive the Surge?  

My review:  From the start I was invested in not just one of the heroes lives, but both.  A full range of characters with dynamics that keep you gasping and wanting more.  I truly enjoyed this book and plan on reading its sequel!  If you love m/m, elves and a book that tests the boundaries of good and evil...this is the book for you!

Purchase links:
Amazon // B&N // ARe 
Author website: Rachel Haimowitz

Just a little disclaimer:  Bought the book with my own money, reviewed it cause I wanted to and none of the links give me any cash. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Work in Progress: State of Resistance

As most of you know, I'm working on the second installment of The Chronicles of JJ.  While it's still being written, I thought I'd let you get a feel for the first few paragraphs.  Remember this isn't could change a bit!  But I'm pretty happy with it, so I'm betting it won't...

   The beat of the music reverberated in her ears as her hips picked up its tantalizing rhythm.  The smell of human sweat mixed with the overpowering scent of cologne, perfume and body spray surrounded her as she looked around the crowded night club.  The dance floor was crowded, the blue and pink spotlights glancing off of the mass of bodies swaying to the captivating beat.  Her nostrils filtered each scent, and a smile curved her lips.  Her target was here, she could sense him.  She could smell him and it was only a matter of time before she saw him.  
   Her old partner who had been reassigned nodded in her direction.  Daniel had been her partner for a couple of centuries, but recent changes in the way things worked had separated them.  She trusted him like a brother, a very sexy and utterly delicious brother.  Standing six foot three inches with delectable muscles for days and green eyes you could stare into for hours.  His jet black hair framed his chiseled facial features.  Yeah he was good looking, most vampires were, but he didn't have that special something Jessica “JJ” Johnson felt when she met a potential lover, that zing that caused her breath to catch, her heart rate to speed up and her girly parts to go all tingly.  Good old fashioned lust.  
   His unique woodsy scent invaded her nostrils, right before his body heat bathed her back as he placed his hands on her hips and molded her to his frame.  That zing traveled through her like a lightning bolt bent on destruction.  Only years and years of acting unaffected kept her from melting into a pool of goo at his feet.  Only her pride kept her from climbing up his six foot two delicious frame of muscle and having her wicked way with the impressive bulge that now pressed against her denim clad backside.  Her mouth watered at the idea of taking his dick into her mouth and tasting the evidence of his arousal.  
   His breath tickled her ear as he whispered, “Subject is on the move taking the rear entrance.  Are you ready to have a little fun, JJ?”  
   She turned into his embrace and pulled his face down to hers, almost drowning in his bright blue eyes trimmed with dark lashes.  His dark brown hair fell in a shaggy mess on his head, making it look like he just took a tumble between the sheets.  His full lips just begged to be kissed, licked, and nibbled.  He smiled his wolfish smile, his sharp canines inciting lust that she never would have thought she would feel for one of his kind.  
   She clasped his hair into her fist and smiled seductively up at him letting her own small fangs show before responding breathlessly, “Alex, I think the question is are you ready for a little fun?”   
   He chuckled in her ear before taking her by the hand and leading her through the sea of humanity.  

Now, I know what you're thinking...When's this going to be out?
I'll be honest...I don't know.  I'm still working on the writing part and then there's the editing.   But as soon as I know, then I'll be sure to pass that along.  

I'm also hoping to do lots of posts related to this book...Character interviews, character takeovers, and stay tuned.

Maria's Match Blog Tour! Final Day (13)

Today is the last day of the Maria's Match blog tour!  Special thanks to all my hosts!  It's been a wonderful experience!!!  Special thanks to Reading Addiction Blog Tours!  It was great!

Last and final stop...Queen of All She Reads is hosting me for a guest post and is also reviewing Maria's Match...

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Maria's Match Blog Tour! Day 8

Today Maria's Match will be reviewed on Reviewing Shelf.  Check out the review here:

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Maria's Match Blog Tour! Day 3

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Blog tour!

Forgot to mention the giveaway associated with the blog tour for Maria's Match!!! Don't miss your chance to win a $75 gift card of choice (Amazon, ARe, or B&N) and an eBook copy of the first two books in the Salin's Salvation series!!!

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