Friday, March 22, 2013


I've always said that I would never diet...I don't want to do something that has the word die in it!  But, as I weighed during some precious free time in the ER last week I was aghast at the 260 pounds that stared back at me...All those cupcakes and fast food meals laughed at my dismay!  (I heard them)  Which, honestly I could care less about the weight, but my physical condition is less than it used to be...let me put this in perspective:
Approx. 6 years ago I could:

  • Run a mile (not quickly, but I did it without feeling as though my heart would explode!)
  • I was very flexible, despite my curves, and could do the splits, among other feats of flexibility.  I'm still pretty flexible, but I tried the splits a few days ago and it was quite embarrassing!  Thank goodness I was alone.
Now, I refuse to diet, but I will modify my current eating habits!  Which led me to lose five pounds this week!  While that's not typical I do know that when you change eating habits the first few weeks go really well...for example...I cut out sugary beverages and sodas from my daily routine (except sweet tea, I'm from the South and that's just not feasible).  I've also added more vegetables and fruits to my meals.  I'm not a veggie hater, just never got the option to add broccoli and cheese to my cheeseburger at Sonic or McDonald's. 
So with just those little changes I've decreased from 260 to 255!  Now every Friday will be devoted to my progress!  Maybe you can share some of your tips and tricks!

Also, just a (I'm not sure what this is) as a health care professional I will say that I consulted my Doc on these changes.  I got a weird look, but mostly I asked can I begin an exercise regimen?  Well, yes I can, but each person's health is unique and should be evaluated per their physician!  So, today I'm going to get my assessment for the gym and get to moving these luscious curves!  


  1. Cutting soda is a great choice. I lost 20 lbs over the course of a year just by cutting out soda. I also kept tea in, but only when I went to a sit down restaurant (about once a week). Home and fast food places I only drink water. Even though it's horribly expensive and wasteful I find that I do drink more if the water is in a bottle. Water should just taste like water, but for some reason that dang Smart water tastes the best to me. (weird. I know.)

    The only other thing I can say is just try not to think about it too much. Whenever I THINK about losing weight I automatically crave something horribly fattening and give in :(

    Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal!

  2. Thanks CarolDee! I am viewing this as a mind over matter type thing. For example, I love to clean my plate...probably because I feel guilty for having food when so many others have I overeat! I've reduced my initial serving size and share with others at work now! Thanks for the encouragement!