Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review

Mercenary Abduction by Eve Langlais

(This is book 4 in the Alien Abduction series and is preceded by: Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction and Dual Abduction, all of which were pretty dang awesome)

So, picture a purple alien who finds the answer to a mission his aunt decided he should complete for his cousin and discovers the answers to such a prediciment on the very planet he's currently on...A human!

Sent to fetch a nanny for his cousin's demon-possessed child (the kid's not really demon-possessed), Makl is thanking Karma that he runs into a human slave on the auction block, but what good mercenary would purchase a slave fair and square.  Not and ruin his honor and that of his family!  So he abducts her from her new owner and an adventure of a lifetime ensues!  

This book is a wild ride of side-cracking humor, red...I mean purple-hot loving and learning to love again!  

It was a fantastic read!

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Disclaimer: Bought the book and read it.  Loved it enough to write a review.  No affiliation with author, etc.  Didn't get paid, etc.

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