Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing a New Year's Resolution...

It's crunch time for those New Year's Resolutions...You know those things we write down telling ourselves and the world:  It's a brand new year and I'm going to be a new, improved, better, and stronger brand new me!
We stick with them...who am I kidding...The only things New Year's Resolutions stick to is the post-it notes we wrote them on!  But why is that?

People generally dream too big!  Is that bad?  Hell no!  Dream big, because if you're going to dream then, dammit, do it right!  But dreams are just that-dreams.  Reality needs teaspoon servings of dreams...We're human and we don't accept change all that well.  So, let me explain this in words that I can understand and hopefully you will too!

So, I'm a nurse, I think we all know that by now, and as a nurse I use Care Plans to give each patient the nursing care they need and deserve (and by deserve I don't mean I judge them as good and bad to decide who I'm taking care of, because if you're my patient then you deserve the very best nursing care possible! :)!)

In a care plan-I won't go through the whole process, trust me you'd nod off before the second book was written-I chose a goal for the patient to complete so that he or she will get better.  So, let's say for example my patient is:
A 82 year old female with pneumonia, dementia, and is not able to walk.  If I write a goal for this patient:  The patient will be able to walk before discharge.  Whoa...First, could my patient walk in the first place?  If so, how weak is she that made her not able to walk?....The list of questions go on and on...

Same goes for New Year's Resolutions!  If you weigh three hundred pounds and your goal is to lose one hundred and fifty pounds, then you have to plan accordingly.  First, it took many years to reach three hundred pounds right?  I mean, it took your whole life!  So, how do you expect to lose half of that in a year?  Even if it is possible, you'll lose interest, decide it's not worth it or something else of the sort.

The way to keep yourself on track of any goal is to break down the big goal which is: I will lose one hundred and fifty pounds. From there make small, attainable goals that will aid in the larger one.  For example, The month of January I will lose five pounds by reducing the number of sugary foods that I consume daily by two servings, exercising for fifteen minutes twice a week and taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator.  This goal is more attainable, because I have a specific goal to achieve and a game plan outlined to complete it within the SMALL time-frame allowed.

So, write your hearts out and good luck!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Something to Think About...

It is Sunday and that means it's time for: Something to Think About!

"Risk is essential.  There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable.  Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else?"
-Alex Noble

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cover for Salin's Salvation, Volume 1

On the same day that Maria's Match comes out, (1/21/2013) I will also be putting out Salin's Salvation, Volume 1, which will include the first three books of the series!!  Here is the cover for that book!

I'm really proud of this cover and I've come a long way in designing my own covers!  Why do I design them?  In the beginning it was because I didn't know of anyone who could design them!  I did purchase the cover of The Witch's Birthday Brew (here).  Now, I do it because I like it.  I really enjoy manipulating the photos!


Just a reminder that the following contests are in progress!!!

  • The Maria's Match contest on my website!  Check it out!
  • Go to The Romance Reviews and enter to win a copy of A Game of Cat & Mouse in eBook Format!!!
  • See the Goodreads widget to the sidebar and enter to win a Print copy of Maria's Match!
Please Note:  If you win a contest, but have already purchased the book of that contest, just email me and tell me your choice of book and I'll give you a different one!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review!

Shepherd (Phoenix Series, Book 2)
by: K H LeMoyne

Genre:  Sci/Fi Futuristic Romance

General Summary:  A strain of salmonella has pretty much eradicated most of the Earth's population and in its aftermath civilization deteriorates.  Decades later civilization is starting to form once more and the upper crust, or the Regents, are doing bad things...Harvesting organs from children.  This story focuses on Esme and Shepherd.  Esme has recently become a widow, prisoner of the Regents and wife to a Regent all in one epic swoop...She follows her new husband to a secret meeting and when she is found by Shepherd, he takes her prisoner.  But who is prisoner in this tango of love, deceit and passion?  Now, they must work together to save a member of their team whose imminent death is possible!!! (Cue the action music, LOL!)

Reaction:  Oh man!!! There isn't a third book out yet! Drats!  I really enjoyed this book, the second of the Phoenix series that took me deeper into the post-apocalyptic world that was introduced in Rebel's Consort!  Their lives have turned into a grim existence, but love is still alive!  I can not wait for the next book!!!  And from the ending of this one...the next will be AWESOME!!! 

Author Website: KH LeMoyne
Buy Links:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Smashwords, iBookstore

Disclaimer: I bought the book myself and the opinions are my own :)!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just wishing you a happy and wonderful Christmas tomorrow!  I'll be spending tomorrow with some great nurses, doctors, paramedics, EMTs, CNAs, Unit Techs and others!  So, keep being good--Santa's still watching!
Check back soon for contest details!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Alright!!! Date for Maria's Match release is 1/21/13!!! To celebrate there is a contest now active on my website!! Check it out!!

Something to Think About

It's Sunday, yet again, and that means it is time for...Something to Think About!

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."
-Jules Carlysle

"Don't knock masturbation - it's sex with someone I love."
-Woody Allen

As most of you know, my characters have sex and it is described rather bluntly on occasion   Now, what sparks this?  Sometimes people will ask me if I know my books are filled with sex?  Well, I hope so since I wrote them! LOL!  I've tried to mark my books for adults.  This blog and even my website have warnings alluding to adult content...yet, people still stumble upon them-even though they are clearly marked as erotic romance with an added warning in the blurb.  (Be advised:  Contains adult sexual content).

So, why do I write sex anyways?  Because it's what I enjoy reading and writing!  I'm pretty sure lots of people have sex-and on a pretty regular basis since I see pregnant people on a daily basis and a few chicks at work are out on maternity leave.  So, why is sex still somewhat of a "taboo" topic?  Hush Hush?

Maybe being a nurse has desensitized me, because we get into very descriptive conversations about bodily functions and even sex on such a regular basis that it isn't anything for me to discuss it or masturbation!  And I will say that I have fallen victim to purchasing a book and getting something totally different from what I expected...My first m/m book was that way.  I remember reading the blurb and not paying much attention, buying it and reading it...Apparently I assumed one of the names to be female.  Boy was I wrong.  So what did I do...I read that dang book and searched for more!!

Anyways, there's just a little bit to think about! ;)!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Book Trailer!

Here is the Book Trailer for Maria's Match!!!

Randomly Selected Excerpt!

I guess by now you all know how I love randomness!  Anyways, here is a random excerpt from...Embracing Ember!

Ceylon walked into the apartment allotted him and immediately felt her absence.  Ceylon called out for her, knowing she wouldn't answer, but praying with every fiber of his being that she would.  He had felt as if something were wrong all day and made himself stay and listen to Dr. Langston drone on and on about how the implementation of the medical scanner would be both beneficial and harmful to the healthcare system.  Each moment was like agony to his senses, but he told himself his worries were ill-placed, and that Ember was fine.  He had heard and read of the symptoms that a mother felt when she noticed her child was missing, had even sedated an unlucky woman in his first year as a healer who had lost her child, but he had never felt it before now.  The panic was overwhelming and only his need to find Ember kept him grounded enough to remain calm enough to rationalize through what was happening.
Her artwork was scattered over the kitchen table, small colorful pictures that seemed geared toward children.  He knew she had secretly used her art to save money for the time when she would finally get away from Landon, but she had never shown him any of her artwork.  The disarray of the art and the overturned furniture in the kitchen made his heart race faster.  He pulled out his communicator and contacted his ship, hoping beyond hope that Ember was fine and she had just left to go shopping or something. 
“Secundus?” Ceylon growled impatiently.  Of all the crew to answer, he was least thrilled it was Secundus.
“Yes, this is Secundus.  Ceylon, is there a problem?”
“I need you to tap into the security feeds we had placed through this residence.  I can’t find Ember.”  Ceylon knew the panic was starting to seep through into his speech, and just hoped that Secundus would do as he asked.
“Okay.  I assume you want today’s feed, correct?”
“Yes.  I just need to know that she is okay.”  The wait was agonizing.  Only the knowledge that it would take Secundus a small amount of time to go through the various feeds kept him from screaming for him to hurry. 
Secundus broke the agonizing silence with a growl of fury.  Secundus’s next words made Ceylon feel as if the world had disappeared beneath him.
“What is it?” Ceylon asked when Secundus didn’t tell him what was happening.

Embracing Ember is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and ARe!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday!!! Thanks guys for such a wonderful 2012!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Being elbow deep in the world of Salin has its perks.  First being that it's an alien world that I create and a sense I am the all mighty Astrid...Ruler of a planet!  Mwahahahahaha...Sorry!  I get a little carried away!

Anyways, creating a world and the reasons behind why they had to reach out for help from Earth...

I know it has been done...A virus!  There are many authors who have used this technique to decimate populations within their books and we've seen viral devastation on television that have changed the population into ravenous zombies...ewww, have I told you how much I hate zombies?  And viruses are not uncommon to us-the common cold, chicken pox, and the flu just to name a few viruses that we battle day to day.  Heck, we've even dubbed the tiny pieces of electronic invaders that give our computers hell viruses.

But what is a virus?

A virus is a small infectious agent that must invade cells in order to replicate.  So, they need our cells to make more of themselves...That's right and the best way to think of it is this: (very simplified and how I passed this portion of A&P)  Think of your cells as little factories and viruses as corporate spies.  Now the corporate spy needs your factories.  When they invade your cell using receptors on that cell to gain entrance, it changes your cell from a factory that works for you into one that makes bunches of little viruses.  This cycle goes on and on...

Here is a video from YouTube (gotta love YouTube!)

Now, I may be the creator of my world (Salin), but I've chosen to stay within the parameters of viral infection and bio-terrorism.  I'll leave bio-terrorism for another time!

As you all know I am working diligently on Maria's Match and hope to have it done this weekend (cross your fingers), then I will begin editing and getting it formatted.  I hope to have it ready for all of you sometime in January!  Thanks all for a wonderful 2012 and I'm hoping for an even more awesome 2013!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Something to Think About

"A book is a version of the world.  If you do not like it, ignore it or offer your own version in return."
Salman Rushdie

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Research, Research, Research!

In my quest to write Maria's Match I did some very interesting research indeed!  Maria is pregnant (as you all remember from Embracing Ember), and with pregnancy comes some questions about sex.

Disclaimer:  I can't give advice and that's not what this is.  If you are pregnant and want to share sexy time with your husband/lover/whatever, then I suggest if you have any questions you ask your OB/GYN or healthcare provider.  This is just from my research.

Can you have sex while pregnant?
Well, heck yeah, at least according to my research.  Now, as long as you have permission from your OB, then it is perfectly safe to have sexy time.

Now, the nitty gritty of my research...
Sexual positions while pregnant:

We all know that a pregnant female will have the baby bump...and in an effort to not squish junior while making love these are some of the recommended positions...again, it is best to talk to your doctor.  (I can't stress that enough, even if I wrote an epic novel about talking with your healthcare provider, then I couldn't stress talking with them enough.)

So, with that said here are some of the easiest positions for the pregnant female to accommodate:

  • The spooning position seems to be recommended on many websites.  This one is where he lies behind you like you're going to take a nap, but instead he lifts your leg and penetrates you from behind.  This is a shallow penetration, but it keeps the pressure off the baby bump.  Besides, nothing said he couldn't use his hands to play with certain parts of your anatomy...
  • Female on top...Now this has some possibilities.  While the woman gets into position on top, be it cowgirl, reverse cowgirl...whatever.  The beauty part is the woman controls depth and the pressure is once again off the belly.
  • Getting it from behind...Doggy style or whichever position is awesome for you and maintain pressure off the baby bump (see a pattern?)
  • Also, one can have the female scoot to the edge of the bed and the male can go at it as though in missionary position, but without resting his weight on top got it...the baby bump!
Isn't research great??!!??   

Friday, December 14, 2012

Five Sentences...

Here are five sentences from Chapter Five of Surrender Serenity!

Eon walked into the lab, Kylan was as expected recording data about the samples.  “Kylan, where is the last translation chip?”
“In the last container on the third shelf, why?”
Eon grabbed the last chip, then turned and said, “If we use this one, can you replicate the technology?”
“Yes.  Why do you need it?”
Eon smiled and said, “The females have awakened.  We forgot to implant the chips before they regained consciousness.  Serenity fought me like a Salinian Warrior when I tried to inject her with the other one.”

Something I Just had to Share!

Okay, for as long as I can remember commercials have held my attention better than any program.  Why?  I'm not quite sure, but I find myself ignoring programming to watch commercial.  We have a DVR and I rewind to watch commercials...anyways...this is my new favorite commercial...

I would LOVE for something like this to happen in real life!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My website has a Forum!!

I'm excited to announces that I've added a forum where you can discuss things about my books or whatever. I've included an off topic choice so feel free to stop by and chat!! Please remember to be respectful. :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Random excerpt!!

Random is the spice of life so here is a random excerpt from State of Unrest, Book 1 in the Chronicles of JJ series.

This is a scene between Abigail and Matthew!

"Explain yourself, Miss Belamy," he whispered in her ear before nibbling gently on the lobe causing her breath to still completely. Explain what? She thought briefly. She yelped, opening her eyes seeking his with the painful nip to her neck. "Explain!"
"Explain what..."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Something to Think About...

Sunday?  Again?  Yep!  Here's a little something to think about:

"We all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."
-Pablo Picasso

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review!

Oh yeah, you knew it was coming!

Exiled: Brides of the Kindred, # 7
by: Evangeline Anderson

Background:  Brides of the Kindred centers around a race of genetic traders known as Kindred.  

Reaction:  This is an awesome book with lot's of steamy scenes that push the boundaries of the two main characters, Lissa and Saber.  From start to finish, the two are rife with sexual tension that culminates in a way that leaves the main characters hanging on the brink of not having their HEA.  Of course, the other main characters are there and it ends beautifully...So my recommendation: Get this book and devour it from front to back...then repeat! :)

Buy links...Amazon, ARe, Smashwords
Okay, little disclaimer...I bought this book (Got my new debit card!) and wasn't in any way asked to review this book...The thoughts are my own and I must say that Evangeline Anderson is one of my fav authors!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Most of you may know that I had an affinity for poetry...prior to my journey down nursing school lane.  Social life, home life, well pretty much everything but nursing school took a backseat.  Now, don't get me wrong...any who know me knows that I LOVE being a nurse, but I'm more than just that.  Here is a poem I wrote sometime in high school...It's never been shared, so, be kind :)!


Darkness is all around,
Only pale white light 
falls on my face as 
I sit on the earth.
The feel of grass 
on my bare legs,
my senses flare.
Moonlight caresses my face
an invisible hand of the 
Mother I've always known.
"You fear, my child.  What is it
that you fear?" she asks
as she sits beside me
taking my hand.
"I fear being alone,"
I whisper.  She smiles
that smile I know so well.
"To fear loneliness is to fear
nothing, you are never alone.
The sun rises each day to meet you.
He sees you just like me.  
Days that you cannot see
us, others are there.
Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides and More.  
Do not fear loneliness child, for it is

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saving Celine: Excerpt

Here is six sentences from the beginning of Chapter 6:

Celine sat in the same room, Dr. Phelps awaiting her thoughts and feelings.  The pictures on the walls seemed to scream at her, telling her the hour would go by much quicker if she would just give into Dr. Phelps and tell her everything.  From her past to Reed, if she told her everything then her shoulders would sag from the relief of the burden she desperately tried to hide from others.  That damn wall of certificates taunted her, telling her that she was stupid for resisting.  And what the hell did it mean that each Rorschach test looked like an ominous monster waiting in a dark alley to attack and kill in inventive and cruel ways?  Did that mean she was crazy? 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review!

Awesome book that I read last week!

Rebel's Consort by KH LeMoyne

Genre:  Sci/Fi Futuristic Romance

General Summary:  A strain of salmonella has pretty much eradicated most of the Earth's population and in its aftermath civilization deteriorates.  Decades later civilization is starting to form once more and the upper crust, or the Regents, are doing bad things...Harvesting organs from children.  This story focuses on Analena and Trace who come from different positions in this fight, but each want the same thing...the harvesting to stop.  Each have their own reasons and when their lines cross...sparks fly.

Reaction:  Wow!  I enjoyed this one from start to finish!  I recommend this book for any who enjoy dystopian romances, sci/fi, action/adventure.  It is a part of a series so be ready to want to pick up the next book...Shepard!

Buy links: (Cause I hate it when I can't just click and buy! :)!) Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords.

Author Website: KH LeMoyne

Just a reminder:  I was in no way asked to review this book for my blog or goodreads.  I purchased said book and read it after stumbling across it on Amazon.  This is my honest opinion!  To put it simply I thought it would be fun to review a book from time to time and I was right...It was fun.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Cover Reveal!!!!

State of Resistance is Book 2 of the Chronicles of JJ series.  This book takes place in the present (Whoa!!!! State of Unrest was in the past!) in Memphis, TN.  Yes, State of Unrest was set in the past, but think of it as a framework for the rest of the series...
In this book we get a better look at JJ who we met briefly? in the first book, State of Unrest!  I'll let more slip about this book as the time for release draws near, but I do have the cover finished!  I'm actually proud of this cover...It went through many revamps and now without further ado...

And for those of you wondering...the bridge in the background is the Hernando DeSoto Bridge...More info HERE.

How do you like the new cover???

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Something to Think About...

Happy Sunday...Here's a little something to think about!

"We all have thoughts that would shame the devil."
-Mark Twain

What thoughts do you think that make the devil...blush!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Current Release

A Game of Cat & Mouse released on November 15, 2012 and is being featured in the Romance Review's Year End Splash!

Here is a small excerpt...Random of course...

“It is happening fast.  What if we wait to complete the mating until we’re both comfortable with it?”
Miranda climbed over the console and straddled his lap, grasped his face, and kissed him.  He pulled on her hips, rubbing her mound over his erection.  Caleb hissed at the delicious feel of his mate rubbing against his swollen shaft.  She softly nibbled his bottom lip before leaving his lips to whisper in his ear, her tongue teasing his ear lobe. 
“I agree that we not complete the mating until we are both ready, but I ache, Caleb.  I need you.  Please make love to me.”
 Caleb groaned as he nearly came in his pants. Miranda opened the driver side door and stepped out, waiting for him.  He caught her by her abdomen with his shoulder and picked her up, carrying her giggling to his front door.  His little mouse wanted him to make love to her.  

A Game of Cat & Mouse is now available at Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.