Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review!

Awesome book that I read last week!

Rebel's Consort by KH LeMoyne

Genre:  Sci/Fi Futuristic Romance

General Summary:  A strain of salmonella has pretty much eradicated most of the Earth's population and in its aftermath civilization deteriorates.  Decades later civilization is starting to form once more and the upper crust, or the Regents, are doing bad things...Harvesting organs from children.  This story focuses on Analena and Trace who come from different positions in this fight, but each want the same thing...the harvesting to stop.  Each have their own reasons and when their lines cross...sparks fly.

Reaction:  Wow!  I enjoyed this one from start to finish!  I recommend this book for any who enjoy dystopian romances, sci/fi, action/adventure.  It is a part of a series so be ready to want to pick up the next book...Shepard!

Buy links: (Cause I hate it when I can't just click and buy! :)!) Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords.

Author Website: KH LeMoyne

Just a reminder:  I was in no way asked to review this book for my blog or goodreads.  I purchased said book and read it after stumbling across it on Amazon.  This is my honest opinion!  To put it simply I thought it would be fun to review a book from time to time and I was right...It was fun.

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