Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review!

Shepherd (Phoenix Series, Book 2)
by: K H LeMoyne

Genre:  Sci/Fi Futuristic Romance

General Summary:  A strain of salmonella has pretty much eradicated most of the Earth's population and in its aftermath civilization deteriorates.  Decades later civilization is starting to form once more and the upper crust, or the Regents, are doing bad things...Harvesting organs from children.  This story focuses on Esme and Shepherd.  Esme has recently become a widow, prisoner of the Regents and wife to a Regent all in one epic swoop...She follows her new husband to a secret meeting and when she is found by Shepherd, he takes her prisoner.  But who is prisoner in this tango of love, deceit and passion?  Now, they must work together to save a member of their team whose imminent death is possible!!! (Cue the action music, LOL!)

Reaction:  Oh man!!! There isn't a third book out yet! Drats!  I really enjoyed this book, the second of the Phoenix series that took me deeper into the post-apocalyptic world that was introduced in Rebel's Consort!  Their lives have turned into a grim existence, but love is still alive!  I can not wait for the next book!!!  And from the ending of this one...the next will be AWESOME!!! 

Author Website: KH LeMoyne
Buy Links:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Smashwords, iBookstore

Disclaimer: I bought the book myself and the opinions are my own :)!

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