Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review!

Oh yeah, you knew it was coming!

Exiled: Brides of the Kindred, # 7
by: Evangeline Anderson

Background:  Brides of the Kindred centers around a race of genetic traders known as Kindred.  

Reaction:  This is an awesome book with lot's of steamy scenes that push the boundaries of the two main characters, Lissa and Saber.  From start to finish, the two are rife with sexual tension that culminates in a way that leaves the main characters hanging on the brink of not having their HEA.  Of course, the other main characters are there and it ends beautifully...So my recommendation: Get this book and devour it from front to back...then repeat! :)

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Okay, little disclaimer...I bought this book (Got my new debit card!) and wasn't in any way asked to review this book...The thoughts are my own and I must say that Evangeline Anderson is one of my fav authors!

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