Sunday, December 23, 2012

Something to Think About

It's Sunday, yet again, and that means it is time for...Something to Think About!

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."
-Jules Carlysle

"Don't knock masturbation - it's sex with someone I love."
-Woody Allen

As most of you know, my characters have sex and it is described rather bluntly on occasion   Now, what sparks this?  Sometimes people will ask me if I know my books are filled with sex?  Well, I hope so since I wrote them! LOL!  I've tried to mark my books for adults.  This blog and even my website have warnings alluding to adult content...yet, people still stumble upon them-even though they are clearly marked as erotic romance with an added warning in the blurb.  (Be advised:  Contains adult sexual content).

So, why do I write sex anyways?  Because it's what I enjoy reading and writing!  I'm pretty sure lots of people have sex-and on a pretty regular basis since I see pregnant people on a daily basis and a few chicks at work are out on maternity leave.  So, why is sex still somewhat of a "taboo" topic?  Hush Hush?

Maybe being a nurse has desensitized me, because we get into very descriptive conversations about bodily functions and even sex on such a regular basis that it isn't anything for me to discuss it or masturbation!  And I will say that I have fallen victim to purchasing a book and getting something totally different from what I expected...My first m/m book was that way.  I remember reading the blurb and not paying much attention, buying it and reading it...Apparently I assumed one of the names to be female.  Boy was I wrong.  So what did I do...I read that dang book and searched for more!!

Anyways, there's just a little bit to think about! ;)!

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