Friday, December 7, 2012


Most of you may know that I had an affinity for poetry...prior to my journey down nursing school lane.  Social life, home life, well pretty much everything but nursing school took a backseat.  Now, don't get me wrong...any who know me knows that I LOVE being a nurse, but I'm more than just that.  Here is a poem I wrote sometime in high school...It's never been shared, so, be kind :)!


Darkness is all around,
Only pale white light 
falls on my face as 
I sit on the earth.
The feel of grass 
on my bare legs,
my senses flare.
Moonlight caresses my face
an invisible hand of the 
Mother I've always known.
"You fear, my child.  What is it
that you fear?" she asks
as she sits beside me
taking my hand.
"I fear being alone,"
I whisper.  She smiles
that smile I know so well.
"To fear loneliness is to fear
nothing, you are never alone.
The sun rises each day to meet you.
He sees you just like me.  
Days that you cannot see
us, others are there.
Ancestors, Angels, Spirit Guides and More.  
Do not fear loneliness child, for it is

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