Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Cover Reveal!!!!

State of Resistance is Book 2 of the Chronicles of JJ series.  This book takes place in the present (Whoa!!!! State of Unrest was in the past!) in Memphis, TN.  Yes, State of Unrest was set in the past, but think of it as a framework for the rest of the series...
In this book we get a better look at JJ who we met briefly? in the first book, State of Unrest!  I'll let more slip about this book as the time for release draws near, but I do have the cover finished!  I'm actually proud of this cover...It went through many revamps and now without further ado...

And for those of you wondering...the bridge in the background is the Hernando DeSoto Bridge...More info HERE.

How do you like the new cover???

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