Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here is the new book cover for Embracing Ember!

Salin is facing a crisis.  Their female population is all but eradicated by a bio weapon --  a virus known as the Blue Death.  With no females to continue their people, they are facing extinction.  Earth is their last hope.

Ember married Landon, mistakenly thinking he was the answer to her lonely existence.  She thought that she loved him.  When he becomes abusive, Ember attempts to leave, but he isn't ready to let her go.  Five years later she finally sees her chance, only to be beaten to the brink of death...

Ceylon came to Earth at the request of the Council.  Since he lost his mate to the Blue Death, he has been barely surviving.  When he sees Ember for the first time she is dying, he risks Salin's plan for salvation to save her, not understanding this inexplicable need to save her...

She is broken, fearful and unable to trust. 
He is suffering, his heart broken, unable to love.
Will she learn to trust?  Will he learn to love? Or will they allow this chance at happiness to slip through their fingers?

When Ember is taken from Ceylon by Landon, he must face his guilt at losing his mate and save her, or live the rest of his life without the person who could be his salvation. 

I hope that you really like these characters.  Ember was a little spark in my brain at the end of Surrender Serenity.  Ceylon's character was initially just to illustrate the loss these people had suffered, but his grief called to me and thus, Ember was born, just waiting for someone to save her.  Of course, I had to let her attempt to save herself first.  As an ER nurse, I see a lot of the after effects of domestic violence and it breaks my heart to see what people do to those they are supposed to love.  What's worse is the never ending cycle it seems to be.

I hope that Embracing Ember is ready for release in Early March, but I will be the first to admit I let myself get it may be mid- to late March before it is released to