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Work in Progress: State of Resistance

Here is a little excerpt (unedited, be kind!) from my current WIP, State of Resistance, Book 2 in the Chronicles of JJ series.  The first book in the Chronicles of JJ introduced us to a world filled with Everlastings.  These paranormal creatures have been locked in a centuries long belief that their races can not mix.  But when the daughter of the Alpha of all changelings and the Vampire Prince meet, the sparks fly...Now, they will rebel against the idea that their species can't mix.  State of Resistance jumps forward through time to the present day and we learn that Everlastings are just as stubborn as humans, and their war to end the ban against mating outside of your race is just beginning to heat up...Figuratively and Literally.  You'll meet JJ, a feisty darkling who is more than what she seems, Alex-her  wolf changeling partner and many other new characters as their world enters a State of Resistance!

“She is your new alpha.”  
“If she chooses to be,” he (Alex) said cryptically.  
“I’m not following.  What do you mean if she chooses to be?”
“Everyone has a choice, JJ.”  
JJ nodded and turned to leave.  She still had some business to attend.  Some business that involved her smashing in the face of one lying little creep. She had just made it out of the med room when Alex caught her by the arm, pulling her against him.  
“Don’t you ever jump out of a car like that again Jessica!  You scared the shit out of me.”
JJ looked up into his blue eyes in disbelief.  She was a darkling, not only that but one bad ass bitch if she did say so herself.  It wasn’t the first car she had waltzed out of while it was moving and it damn sure wouldn’t be her last.  Alex must have picked up on her train of thought, because he shook her a little.  
“I mean it Jessica.”
“Well, I’m a big girl and I’ll do whatever I damn well please!” JJ hissed at him, her anger coming to life.
“Why must you always do this?” he snarled, his incisors lengthening.
“Do what?” she snarled back.
“Make me crazy?”  She would have told him it was her job, told him that she only did it because she knew it annoyed him or some other untrue statement just to piss him off more, but it seemed Alex had better plans for her mouth.  Alex plastered his mouth across hers, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth at her surprised gasp.  JJ pushed against his chest, an attempt to break free from his dizzying onslaught.  
Alex growled deep in his chest before grabbing her hands and in a show of strength that left her panties drenched, clasped them behind her back and led her until she hit the wall.  Alex’s mouth never left hers as he pulled her hands from her back and pinned them to the wall above her head.  By this time she was putty in his hands and she wilted to his masterful tongue and the oh so wicked things he was doing to her.  
Alex’s mouth gentled as the fight drained out of her leaving her pliant in his arms.  He never released her hands, but he did release her mouth to nuzzle at her throat alternately licking and nipping at the tender flesh.  JJ felt as if she were going to melt, already she could feel her legs becoming limp as noodles.  But Alex was there, placing his hard thigh between her legs, bracing her against the wall as he continued his leisurely trip to her chest, taking an aching and distended nipple between his teeth.  Her breath was coming in pants and the thigh situated between her legs was causing the most delicious pressure on her swollen and needy flesh.
“I’m sorry!”  The disembodied voice was like a bucket of cold water.  They parted panting and looking at each other warily.  JJ felt so frustrated that she could scream.  She was even more astounded at the evidence of how much Alex had affected her.  Her claws were out and she could feel her small fangs starting to recede.  JJ had totally lost control!  
“I have to go,” JJ muttered as she rushed out.  She had some business to take care of, but first she had a date with her vibrator.

So....when can we expect this book?  I'm still writing it (WIP!), but I'm hoping to have it out December 2013 or Early 2014!  (But I'm not promising, due to work, school...etc!)  

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Something to Think About

"There is no real ending.  It's just the place where you stop the story."
-Frank Herbert

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skylar and Xavier Meet (Part 2 of 2)

     Skylar walked into the hotel room and suppressed the growl that tried to break free.  The room was empty, though Xavier's scent still remained strong.  He placed the fast food bags on the table and quelled his panic.  Although he wasn't sure why he was panicked in the first place.
     The bathroom door opened and revealed a naked Xavier, well except for the towel that was slung across his hips.  Beads of water took a tantalizing trail from his neck down his muscular chest and down his taut abdomen to end at the edge of the towel that only precariously held on to Xavier's trim hips.  Skylar licked his lips at the sight of such beautiful masculine flesh on display.  It seemed three weeks of recovery had done Xavier some good.  He'd come a long way from being fed chicken broth and bandage changes to the fucking gorgeous male standing before him.
     Xavier looked at the table and smiled.  "Thank God, I'm fucking starved."
     He waled to the table completely oblivious of the raging erection he'd caused Skylar.
     "Help yourself," he growled.  Xavier dropped the bag and turned.
     "Look, I just assumed you'd brought enough for both of us, I already said I'd pay you back."
     Skylar didn't want Xavier's money.  He wanted his body, sweating and straining underneath his.  He ran his hands through his hair and sighed.
     "I did bring enough for both of us and I've already told you that I don't want your fucking money."
     Xavier threw his hands in the air.  "Then what do you want?  You've been like this for the past week, and every time I try to go, you tell me that I can't leave.  So, what's the problem?"
     Skylar had tried.  He'd taken cold showers and left the hotel room for longer than he could stand.  All those nights sleeping next to this male, only to wake up tangled together.  There were clumsy, half-hearted apologies from him and Xavier, but it didn't matter.  His scent and the way he felt in Skylar's arms.  It was all too much and now Skylar was going to do what he should of done the moment Xavier could move without groaning.
     He crossed the distance between them and crushed his lips against Xavier's.  And just like that his wolf settled, no longer scratching to be released.  His wolf wasn't completely happy.  Wouldn't be until he claimed his mate.  Skylar pushed those thoughts aside.  There was not way he would allow Xavier to spend his life with a man as broken as him.  He couldn't let Xavier see what he truly was--a killer.
     His lips moved from Xavier's mouth to his neck and licked along his pulse point.
     "Sky, are you sure?  I can't handle another betrayal."
     Skylar growled at the vulnerability in Xavier's voice.  He was strong, an alpha male, and shouldn't doubt anything.  Skylar grabbed his brown hair and held him steady for his kiss.  He released Xavier's mouth and stared into brown eyes that he'd come to expect to see every morning.
     "I'll never fucking betray you."
     He kissed him again, because he had to.
     "And no one will harm you again.  Never."
     Xavier laughed.  "I'm plenty capable of protecting myself."


     Xavier wanted to punch him in the face.  But not as much as he wanted to fuck him.  Skylar's face reflected his doubt in his declaration of being able to take care of himself.  Granted he'd not been found in the best of positions, he was still a fucking alpha wolf.  It seemed he needed to teach that to his mate.
He pushed against Sky's chest causing him to fall against the bed. Xavier wasted no time straddling the male, and taking his lips.  From there it was a tangle of limbs, teeth, and tongue as they both fought for dominance.       Thankfully, Skylar was as eager to get undressed as Xavier was to get him there.  Xavier found himself pinned to the bed, his towel ripped away, and a hand grasping a dick that had long been in need of attention.  He arched into Skylar's hands and groaned aloud.  It felt so fucking good and so fucking right to have Sky's hands on him.  
     "I'm going to fuck you Xavier."
     Xavier was sure that Sky wanted a response, but he was beyond words as Sky's hands glided along his aching shaft.  Then, all of his senses went haywire when a warm, wet mouth closed over the head of his cock.  It was so fucking good!
     But he didn't want it to end, not like this.  "Please, Sky, I need you inside me."
     He could allow him dominance this one time, besides there would be plenty of time for him to dominate his mate.  Xavier had been scared that it wouldn't happen, that somehow fate had given him the one mate he couldn't have.  He'd had no signs that Skylar was gay.  Hell, every time he woke up in Skylar's arms, he'd been waiting for Sky to kick him out of his life.  When he'd first said he could manage on his own, he'd not needed much convincing to stay.  Not when every thing inside of him wanted Skylar--needed Skylar.
     "I don't have any lube, baby.  I've been fighting this for weeks."
     "My God, why?"
     "I didn't think you'd be ready this soon, and I never bought lube because..."
     Xavier scooted out from under Sky and Sky let him though Xavier could tell it wasn't something Sky wanted to do.  He dug in the bedside table and thanked his foresight.  He'd bough lube weeks ago, and was astonished it'd not been found.
     "I've got some," he said while waving the tube in Sky's face.
     "Where did that come from?"
     "I went to the store while you were out one day."
     Skylar pulled him against his body and bit him lightly on the shoulder.  Xavier's heart sped up at the feel of teeth scraping along his shoulder.
     "You could have been hurt."
     "And I think you've forgotten that I can take care of myself."
     "I don't know what I'm doing," Sky whispered and placed his forehead on his.  He stared into his green eyes and knew he'd spend the rest of his life with this male, and it didn't freak him out like he thought it would.
     "Sky, do you know what you are to me."
     Sky sighed.  "I promised myself I'd never subject a female to my life."  He laughed.  "Silly me for thinking I'd have a female mate."
     Xavier's heart felt like it'd plummeted, like it's shattered into a million pieces.
     "I'm not what you expceted...not what you wanted...I"
     Skylar crushed his lips with a kiss that stole Xavier's breath.  Tongue delving deep within the recesses of his mouth and he couldn't find it in him to fight against the male who'd all but said he didn't want to mate with him.  He gasped for breath when Sky released his mouth.
     "Never think that I don't want you, Zay, but I won't mate someone, anyone...not with my life.  Not with who I am."
     Xavier didn't care who Sky thought he was.  Xavier and his wolf knew exactly what Sky was and they weren't going to let him get away.  So, he did the only thing he could think of to shut Sky up--he tackled him to the bed and kissed him senseless.
     Skylar didn't take long to respond, and soon he found himself pinned to the bed once more, the evidence of Sky's desire digging into his lower abdomen while he lazily kissed him.  Skylar tangled his hand in the one that still held the lube and Xavier gave it up without a fight.  He wanted this.  He wanted Skylar for life, and after tonight, that's exactly what he was going to do.


     Skylar felt like an ass still determined to take his mate, though he had no intentions of claiming him.  But when he'd seen Xavier only in a towel, all he could think about was sinking balls deep in his ass.  And soon, he'd be doing just that.  
     He spread Xavier's legs and prepped him quickly.  He knew he wouldn't last long.  Xavier groaned and arched at the feeling of him lining up his cock to Xavier's rosette.  He advanced slowly through the tight ring of muscle and groaned as he seated himself fully inside the sexy male beneath him.  
     "So fucking good, baby."
     "I know...I-"
     He cut off his words with his mouth and began to move.  He felt like an ass again, but that feeling soon faded to pure pleasure.  In and out of Xavier's ass, his tongue doing the same to his mouth.  This wasn't how he imagined tonight ending.  But he couldn't dream of a better ending.  Too bad he couldn't lose control and take him like he wanted--wild and abandoned.  
     Xavier moved his head and  Skylar howled shooting his seed deep inside of him when teeth clamped down on his shoulder.  Before he could stop himself, or his wolf he'd sank his teeth deep into the flesh of his mate.  One second he was alone, his world in chaos and the next it was as though he'd finally found the piece of him he'd been missing.  And he was so fucking pissed.  How could he let this happen?  How could he look into those fucking gorgeous brown eyes and see hatred when Xavier found out he was fucking mated to a damn killer?  
     Skylar pulled out of paradise and rushed to get dressed.  He could hear his name in the distance, but he had to get away.  He couldn't let Xavier be mated to someone as horrible as him.  So, he turned and run.  Ran until he hit the tree line on the other side of the highway beside the hotel.  And he let his wolf take over, and just kept running.  He couldn't let Xavier be mated to him.  He just couldn't.


     Skylar wiped the blood from the fresh mating mark and turned from the bathroom window.  He had two choices: stay and wait for Skylar to return or run after his mate and figure out why in the hell he run.  He'd never been one to just wait around and see what happened, so he ran.  It was easy to pick up his new mate's scent, and even easier to find him standing a few miles from the hotel, a look of indecision on his face. 
     "You don't know me, Xavier, and you won't want me when you do."
     "I know you.  I know more than you think I know."
     "I've told you nothing about myself.  Isn't that strange to you?"
     Xavier laughed.  "No, not really.  Sky, you're my mate and now we're mated.  You know you can't break that."
     Skylar howled his pain to the moon that was barely visible for all the trees.  "But you don't know what I am."
     Xavier sighed.  It was time to admit to a little something.  "I'm really good with computers."
     Sky turned to him and Xavier wanted to laugh at the face he was making.  
     "What I'm trying to say, is that do you really think I would just stay in a hotel room with some guy I didn't know?  I know all about you."
      "No you don't, Zay.  Not really."
     "Skylar Ashmore.  An agent of the Human/Shifter council.  Has the highest execution rate of any agent currently employed by the Council."
     Skylar's shoulders sagged.  "So, you know I'm a killer, hell I'm no better than those they tell me to execute."
     Xavier wrapped his arms around Sky and sighed.  Back where he belonged.  "You do a very important job, Sky.  One that must be very hard on you, but the way you feel right now lets me know that you're not a killer, not a mindless killer like the one's that you've executed.  And my wolf agrees.  My wolf and I want you.  Forever."
     Skylar nodded.  "Forever?"
     Xavier bit lightly on Sky's shoulder.  "Forever."
     "How did you find all this out?"
     "I looked up your father's phone number and gave him a call.  I think he was pretty pliant because he was drunk."  
     Sky nodded but didn't say anything else.  Xavier turned him in his arms and kissed him.  "Forever," he whispered against Sky's lips.
    Skylar bit his lip and whispered back, "Forever." 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Skylar and Xavier Meet (Part 1 of 2)

     Skylar hated his job with the Council and wasn't sure why he kept returning.  But was he able to do anything else?  The forest was helping calm him.  He always felt the most lost after a kill.  The sounds of grunting and shouts caught his attention and pulled him from his morose thoughts.  
     He ran through the forest and burst into the clearing unsure of what he would find.  Had he been less distracted by the most tantalizing scent he'd ever smelled, he would've been more stealthy, but he couldn't disregard the pain he smelled within that scent.  Everything within him rose to protect whoever that scent belonged to.  Skylar transformed from man to wolf almost immediately, the fast transformation causing some of his joints to ache.  But it couldn't be helped.  The overwhelming smell of blood had kicked him into action, and before he was aware of himself, he'd already ripped the throat out of two wolves who'd been biting at the bloody male lying on the ground.  
     He placed his body over the male and growled.  Mine, his wolf growled within its mind.  He'd already claimed the male that lay motionless beneath them.   The soft moan was like music to his ears, assuring Skylar that the male still lived.  Another attacked, but he easily dispatched him, this time enough in control he didn't kill.  Already his mind churned with conflicting regret and joy at the deaths he'd bestowed.  
     Soon, the group left and he changed back into a man once again.  He picked the male up into his arms and walked.  He didn't have clothes, because his had been destroyed with his hasty transformation, but it didn't matter.  He needed to get this male someplace safe.


    Xavier groaned and tried to lift his head.  His head fell back to the pillow and he loathed his weakness.  He had to be sure he could defend himself in case his pack decided to finish the job.  Despite the betrayal he felt at the hands of his pack mates, and especially his family, he didn't want to die.  In the moments when he was sure that he would die, he'd panicked, and had he found the energy he would've continued fighting.  But one wolf was no match for a dozen other wolves.  
     Xavier started at the hand that touched his forehead and his pathetic attempt to protect himself was met with a deep laugh.  He opened his eyes and was confronted with the most beautiful green eyes locked onto his.  His heart rate sped up, and had he been stronger he knew he'd have an erection that would surly tent the small sheet covering the lower half of his body.  Xavier took a deep breath and wanted to moan.  Never had he come across someone who smelled so damn good.  
     He forced himself to let the ideas of he and the stranger locked in intimate embraces go.  That wasn't possible.  Hell, hadn't his own pack just beat him within an inch of his life for fucking the alpha's son?  Not that the alpha's son wasn't into it, but getting caught had changed the male's tune.
"Brown eyes.  They suit you," the male said while his hand sifted through Xavier's hair.  If he'd been a cat, he would've purred.  Could it be possible that this male was...
No.  He wouldn't allow himself to think like that.
"Who are you?"  
He winced at his voice, almost non-existent, but the male just smiled.
"Skylar.  Skylar Ashmore.  Who the hell was beating the shit out of you, and why?"
Xavier winced.  He really didn't want to rehash this.  But, those green eyes, and that damn scent had him bearing his soul.
"They were my pack."
Skylar's eyes widened.  "I'm not an expert on packs, having never belonged to one, but it's not customary to kick the living shit out of pack mates, is it?"
Xavier shook his head and wished he hadn't as the world spin out of control.  What little contents he had in his stomach rushed from his gut and he was equal parts embarrassed and thankful as Skylar helped turn and hold him over the trashcan to expel the contents of his stomach.  Skylar left as soon as he righted Xavier in the bed, and for the first time since he was a child he wanted to cry.  The feel of a cool cloth on his face and neck shocked him, and what shocked him even more was the gentle ways that Skylar bathed his face and neck.  He didn't stop at his neck, but continued to his chest with small, gentle strokes.  
"Tell me what you did to piss them off."
Xavier knew he shouldn't tell them, but he just couldn't resist Skylar's green eyes and the way his hands felt on his skin.  Ah, hell if he was going to die, then at least he'd die happy.
"I fucked the alpha's son."
Skylar didn't flinch, but did flash a brief smile.
"Well, if it was consensual, then I don't see the issue."
Xavier held his breath, because he wouldn't dare believe the words Skylar had said.
"It was consensual, but this isn't exactly Los Angeles or something.  This is Mississippi, and apparently we're not as tolerant."
Skylar nodded.  He stood and cleaned the room, ridding it of the trashcan full of vomit.    Soon he was back, and taking off his shirt.  He left his pants on, much to Xavier's disappointment and slid into bed next to him.
"Are you okay with this, I mean, there's only one bed in this hotel room."
Xavier looked over at Skylar and wanted to feast on his lips.   Wanted to undress him and feel his body next to his--skin to skin.  "It's okay."
Skylar lay beside him and soon the even rise and fall of his gorgeous chest followed.  Xavier spent the next five minutes turning over so that he could stare at the male who'd saved his life.  His wolf's declaration was all he needed to know.

Find out what happens....tomorrow!!!!
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     It's a much needed day off from being a nurse, and I've decided to see a little bit of Pinewood Creek.  It's a beautiful town with lots of small shops that I've perused, but now I'm hungry and everyone has recommended Haven's.  I'm quite impressed with what appears to be a cabin.  Since it's my first time there, the hostess is all to kind and gives me a tour.  It has a beautiful dining room with a small space that is obviously used as a dance floor.  Upstairs each room is themed and it is explained to me that the rooms are rented for private dining.  They are so beautiful, especially the outdoor themed one.  Like a little fairy garden.
     Soon I find myself seated and perusing the menu hoping to find just the right thing for my rumbling tummy.  I look up when the door opens and am surprised to see Aspen walking in the door.  She sees me and smiles.  She comes up to my table and...

Aspen:  Thanks for helping me that day, it was...
Astrid:  Crazy?  Yeah, I have lots of days like that.
She smiles.
Aspen:  I'm sure you do.  Try the Lemon Pepper chicken with roasted sweet potatoes.

I take a moment to read the description and I'm amazed.  It sounds exactly like something I want.  I look away from the menu to thank her and I can feel my smile falling.  Gone is the smile that she'd gifted me to be replaced by one of the most worried looks I've seen, and I'm a nurse.  I've seen lots of worry.

Astrid:  Honey, what's wrong?
She shakes her head and I know she's going to walk away and not divulge her worries to me, so I stand, grab her shoulders and guide her to sit.
Astrid:  Okay, now you helped me so, it's only logical that I help you.
Aspen: That's not-
Astrid: Necessary?  No, it's pretty necessary.  I'm a nurse and it's kinda what I do.  Besides, I'm nosy.
Aspen laughs at that, then nods.
Aspen: I'm just a little out of my element here.
I wait, but it's literally like squeezing blood out of a turnip with shifters.
Astrid: You're going to have to explain a little bit more.
She nods.
Aspen: Well, you met Xavier and Skylar.
I nod.
Aspen: We're....they're....I'm-
Astrid: Kinda in love with them?
Aspen nods.
Astrid: So what's the problem?
Aspen: I don't...doesn't it seem weird?
Astrid:  Weird how?  That you love two men?  Maybe, but that's because society has defined that a couple is a man and woman.  I'm sorry, I'm taking philosophy.
Aspen: That's okay.  I just...I don't know.
Astrid:  Let me ask you this, when you're with them how do you feel?
Aspen smiles and it doesn't take a genius to know exactly how she feels.

Aspen:  I guess I feel...complete.
I smile.  She really has found her mates.
Astrid:  And how do you feel when you're not around them?
Aspen:  Like a piece of me is missing.
Astrid:  There you go.  Don't worry about what others will think.  Besides, I believe you three have a little one on the way.

Aspen rubs her stomach and smiles.  She'll be just fine.  She pats my arm and leaves me to order my meal (which was delicious.)  As I leave I bump into a blonde male who sends chills down my spine and not the good ones, but I shrug it off.  It's my last day in Pinewood Creek and I've got so much more to see before I have to leave and head for home.

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Begging for Forgiveness: Excerpt

Here's a little excerpt from Begging for 
Forgiveness which released yesterday!!!!  

Aspen woke stretching her body aching, wanting and needing. Three whole days since she'd told her mates that she needed, yet here she lay, unmolested and horny as hell. She shivered at the cool breeze to her back and frowned when she turned to find that Skylar wasn't there.
He'd been distant lately; the case he was working on was getting to him. She could tell it in the way that he disappeared throughout the night. Xavier had assured her that this was how Skylar's brain worked while he was on a case, but she wanted her Skylar back. The one she'd fallen in love with almost instantly.
Well, maybe not instantly. Months of watching him before she'd had the courage to approach him had endeared him to her. Then she'd spent an incredible night with him. She wouldn't dwell on the three months she'd spent lonely and confused. They each had a part of the blame to shoulder for that one.
Hands tightened their hold on her when she tried to scoot away and Aspen smiled. She still had Xavier. He'd rarely left her side since Skylar’d taken over the case. She settled into his side, the easy rise and fall of his chest told her he still slept. She ran her hands over his chest, the feel of his musculature only making her hotter.
She'd come to know Xavier in the three days they'd spent hoping for their mate to come back to them. And, though it was hard to believe loving two men at once, there was no denying that she loved Xavier as much as she loved Skylar. Her anger at Skylar had faded quickly and now the awkwardness of having two mates seemed almost laughable. She had two mates and her cougar purred at the thought of claiming them both. Hell, she allowed the purr to break forth because she couldn't wait to claim them for herself.
Aspen kissed Xavier's chest, then licked a line between his pectorals. Her purr deepened and she fought back a moan at the taste of her mate. And he was hers, hers and Skylar's. Eager for another taste, she slowly wiggled out of his arms and kissed each nipple before snaking her tongue out to taste each one.

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Working in the Pinewood Creek ER: Part 2 of 2

He turned those big brown eyes on me and I sighed (in my mind, because it is so unprofessional to sigh aloud!).  Xavier was one good looking male--not that Skylar wasn't just as hot.  I shook my head and tried to focus.

Xavier: I didn't think it'd be this way.
Astrid: What would be this way?

He ran his fingers through his hair, then threw his hands in the air.

Xavier: I don't know--this.
Astrid:  I realize you're going through lots of things, but I'm kind of lost.
Xavier:  Sorry, it's just I don't know exactly what's going on myself.  Three months ago I find out my ma-boyfriend cheated on me, but now I want the person he cheated on me with...hell, I can't live without her.
Astrid:  Aspen?

Xavier nods.  I'm pretty much with the program at this point...Skylar and Xavier are mated and now Aspen has been thrown into the mix...somehow?  It's starting to sound a lot like those romance novels I read too much of.  Ah, who the hell am I kidding?  You can never read too much romance-erotic or otherwise!  I glance at my watch again...It's 7:50 p.m. and that means I've got--NO! NO! Focus!!!

Xavier: Yes.  I just don't know what to do?
Astrid:  What's upsetting you most?

He rests his head on his hands and sighs.

Xavier: I'm not sure.
Astrid:  Sure you are.  What upsets you most?  And don't think about it, just say something.
Xavier:  That I'll be replaced.

I pat his shoulder.  I sure wouldn't leave him if I were Aspen--or Skylar for that matter.

Astrid:  What makes you feel like that?
Xavier: I don't know.

I sigh.  We could do this all night, but I've really got to get some sleep so I can come back in the morning.

Astrid:  Obviously you're not secure in your relationship with Skylar, so you feel like he'll leave you for her.  
Xavier:  Maybe.
Astrid:  Look, he could've left you three months ago.  He could've left you when he came to find Aspen....or whatever, but he didn't.  You're right here with him.  I think you'd both benefit if you'd sit down and talk with one another.  Communication is an excellent tool.

Xavier nods but I can see he's got to work this out for himself before he'll even think about talking with Skylar.  I've done what I could, and I'm pretty drained.  I can only imagine how drained Xavier is.  I stand and pat him on the shoulder.

Astrid:  I've got this feeling, Xavier.  I've got a feeling that everything will work out.

Xavier nods but I can tell he doesn't believe me.  And quite frankly I'm not sure if I trust this feeling myself.

Begging for Forgiveness

Begging for Forgiveness is officially released!!!!!  

When Aspen Clarke saw Skylar Ashmore for the first time, her cougar screamed that this wolf would be hers.  But Aspen can't trust the mating call because she knows all to well that sometimes fate can get it wrong.  After a steamy night with Skylar, Aspen is broken-hearted to find that her worries are founded when she awakens alone and confused.  So, she runs back to Pinewood Creek and her old pride who'd always made her feel welcome, unlike her own parents.  Little does she know that she carries more with her than emotional baggage.  Now faced with motherhood alone she's decided that she doesn't need a mate.

Skylar just wanted to forget his last assignment, so like he had for the past six months after he was forced to execute yet another shifter he stopped at the little restaurant a town over from his apartment to lose himself in good food.  He never expected to lose himself in a female.  He took the beautiful Aspen to bed the moment he caught her scent, his wolf beside itself wanting to claim its mate.  But after it was over he knows he's made a mistake...because he's already mated.  So, he runs and hopes he can beg his mate for forgiveness.

Xavier had never felt a betrayal so deep as when Skylar slid into bed beside him smelling of a female, not even when his old pack had nearly beat him to death.  But soon that feeling of betrayal faded to confusion, then surprise when he realized that whatever female his mate had taken was also his mate.

Now Skylar and Xavier will hunt for their missing mate.  But little do they know, Skylar's last assignment has a loose end that's just waiting for the right moment to strike--and it's set its sights on Aspen.  

Can Aspen accept the man who left her pregnant and doubting mating all over again?  Can Skylar and Xavier convince her to mate with not one, but both of them?  Will Aspen survive to forgive?

You can pick up your copy at any of these retailers:

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Working in the Pinewood Creek ER: Part 1 of 2

I recently spent a week in Pinewood Creek helping out at their ER.  I got to meet a lot of new people and made some interesting friends.  Here's a little insider info.

I was working in triage when Caleb, Miranda, Aspen and a few others burst through the ER doors announcing they needed a doctor immediately.  I calmly walked over to the male who held Aspen within his arms and began my questioning...

Astrid:  What seems to be the problem?

Caleb: She's hurting in her stomach. (He points to Aspen.)

I smile politely, because there's no reason to alarm anyone.  As I look Aspen over I notice she's a bit pale, but other wise she seems just fine.  I place my hand on her arm and am relieved to find her skin warm and dry.  

Astrid:  Can you point to where it hurts?

Aspen's hand is already lying protectively over her abdomen, and the strained look around her eyes let me know she's worried and anxious.  She moves her hand slightly in a circle to indicate it is her mid abdomen that hurts.  I smile and nod.

Astrid:  Ok.  I need only one to go with me through triage.

The tawny haired male looks as though he's about to argue and I prepare to put on my stern nurse face, but as luck would have it Aspen decides that Miranda will follow her through the triage process.  The slightly taller male with brown hair puts Aspen down in the wheelchair and kisses her on the forehead.  The stress in Aspen's face momentarily disappears, but is quickly replaced when I close the triage door.

Astrid:  I can let one of the guys in here if you'll feel better about the process.

Aspen shakes her head and I continue.

Astrid:  Tell me what happened...

Aspen details the incident and relays that she is pregnant.  Soon, I escort her to ER 1C and just as a precaution I place the telemetry leads on her.  I give report to Arianna, another nurse who works in the ER.

Astrid:  Got a 26 year old female that is 11 weeks pregnant who is having abdominal pain, mid abdomen, cramping like.  Recent fall with no apparant injuries.  She's anxious and waiting for you.  Normal sinus on the monitor.

Arianna: Thanks.  Do you know who her OB is?

Astrid: Dr. Sanchez.

Arianna:  Ok, I'll tell Dr. B to go check her out and see if she wants me to call her.

I walk back to the triage room and relate that both Miranda and Aspen are in ER1C and that someone will update them soon.  I also explain the one visitor per patient policy and notice that the tawny blonde male is about to burst from anxiety.  His pacing isn't doing my calm any good.

Astrid: Sir, why don't you come with me.

I glance at my clock.  6:50 p.m.  It looked like I wasn't getting off on time again tonight.  The male follows me.

Astrid;  What's your name?
Male:  Skylar.
Astrid: And what are you to Aspen, Skylar?

I expect he is her brother or cousin.  They don't look alike, but surely he wouldn't allow his girlfriend or whatever to be carried by another man.

Skylar:  I'm her ma-boyfriend.
I'm surprised to say the least.
Astrid: So, tell me what's going on.

He stares at me and I'm sure I need to check the mirror for the snakes growing out of my head.  I've had this look before.

Astrid:  You'll feel so much better if you just tell me.
Skylar:  I fucked up.  I'm sorry.
Astrid:  Language doesn't bother me, so don't apologize.  Just talk and I'll listen.
Skylar:  I first met Aspen three months ago and it was instant.  I wanted her and I had to have I did.
Astrid:  What do you mean by that?
Skylar:  (sigh)  I fucked her like a whore and then left when I realized what I'd done.

I wait.  Silence is sometimes a good thing, no matter how awkward it may seem.  

Skylar:  He called right as I finished...not the first time, but the second time.  I'd cheated on my fucking mate.

Obviously this was a slip he'd not meant for human ears, but I'm a nurse and I wore my big girl panties.  I do believe I can take a few shifters.

Astrid: Who's your mate?
Although he looks horrified at his obvious slip, he answers.

Skylar:  Xavier, but so is Aspen.  How can this be?
Astrid:  Sometimes I think things have a way of working themselves out and I believe you three, and I'm going out on a limb here and including the brown haired dude who carried Aspen in, will be just fine.  Now that doesn't mean that you didn't do anything wrong, but maybe you can make up for your wrongs.  
Skylar:  How in the hell will she ever forgive me for leaving?

I pat his back and stand.  There's not much more I can do.
Astrid:  Trust me when I say she is crazy about you guys.  
I look up and see the brown-haired male, Xavier, and I wave him in.  He sits by Skylar and takes his hand, which Skylar pulls away.  I sigh.  There's a lot of work to be done between the three of them.

Astrid: Look, I'm not supposed to do this, but I can take one of you back to see her.  

Skylar jumps up from his seat and I know he'll be going back with me.  I feel bad that I can't take Xavier, too but it's hard to care for patients when there is a hundred family members.  He gives me a slight nod and a sad smile that makes me want to cry.  His brown eyes scream past pain that I can only contemplate and pray that I never experience.  I pass Destini at the nurse's station and wave hello.  She smiles and continues thumbing through papers.  I leave Skylar at the door of Aspen's room and send a little prayer to whomever is listening to watch over these three.  Something just isn't right, but I can't figure out what.  As I clock out, I wave goodbye to Destini and instead of going out the bay doors, I go back to the waiting room.  I sigh and take a look at my watch.  7:38 pm.  I sit my bag down beside the brown haired male and I begin.

Astrid:  Tell me all about it.

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Something to Think About

"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."
Homer Simpson

Not caring doesn't make you ignorant about a subject...I don't care about a lot of things, because if one cared about everything....Now my brain hurts!

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Excerpt....Begging for Forgiveness!

Aspen snuggled closer to the warm, hard body and sighed. It'd only been twice that she'd been the ice cream filling of one of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches, but she was already addicted.
After Xavier had left, she tossed and turned her curiosity only growing with each passing moment. So, after like the fiftieth time of changing positions, she’d tracked her mates to the clearing in the woods they’d chosen. Her pussy moistened as scenes of hardened flesh met hardened flesh in the moonlight.
The shrill beep of her alarm made her groan. Hands moved from her waist to travel slowly up her body to cup her breasts. Warm breath tickled her ear when Xavier whispered, "Time for work, sweetheart."
She opened her eyes to Skylar's green ones and her mouth automatically turned up, a smile the most natural thing when he looked at her so intently. It was hard to believe that only two days ago she'd felt so alone and now she was contemplating sharing her life with two men.
Skylar traced her lips with his fingertips and she sucked his finger into her mouth. His eyes widened.
"I love to see you smile."
Aspen's heart swelled. Skylar pulled his finger from her mouth and looked over her shoulder. Nothing was said, but suddenly she found herself lying on top of Xavier, her legs held apart by his.

Coming September 17, 2013

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Begging for Forgiveness is going on tour this month and part of next month.  I am especially appreciative of Reading Addiction Virtual Blog tours for setting this up!  Awesome line-up so far, and you can follow along with my tour to enter for your chances to win prizes!  Also, next week I am working in Pinewood Creek's ER to help fill in.  I will be sorely missed at my ER, but maybe I can catch up on some of my off time with some of the shifters in Pinewood Creek.  Who knows who I'll run into!  So, don't miss next week!

Also happening this month is the release of Begging for Forgiveness!!!! It is officially released on September 17, 2013!  I can't wait for you to meet Aspen and her mates!  And if you didn't know, Begging for Forgiveness is book 2 of the Pinewood Creek Shifters series.  It is preceded by A Game of Cat & Mouse which went down to $0.99!!!  So don't miss out on Miranda and Caleb's story!

Congrats to the winners of my Begging for Forgiveness contest and the winners at The Romance Reviews.  Hope you all enjoy your free copies of Begging for Forgiveness!

It's still not too late to contact me for a review copy...if you're interested!

Until next time...Have an awesome day and read a little something...spicy,exciting, sizzling! :)

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