Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skylar and Xavier Meet (Part 2 of 2)

     Skylar walked into the hotel room and suppressed the growl that tried to break free.  The room was empty, though Xavier's scent still remained strong.  He placed the fast food bags on the table and quelled his panic.  Although he wasn't sure why he was panicked in the first place.
     The bathroom door opened and revealed a naked Xavier, well except for the towel that was slung across his hips.  Beads of water took a tantalizing trail from his neck down his muscular chest and down his taut abdomen to end at the edge of the towel that only precariously held on to Xavier's trim hips.  Skylar licked his lips at the sight of such beautiful masculine flesh on display.  It seemed three weeks of recovery had done Xavier some good.  He'd come a long way from being fed chicken broth and bandage changes to the fucking gorgeous male standing before him.
     Xavier looked at the table and smiled.  "Thank God, I'm fucking starved."
     He waled to the table completely oblivious of the raging erection he'd caused Skylar.
     "Help yourself," he growled.  Xavier dropped the bag and turned.
     "Look, I just assumed you'd brought enough for both of us, I already said I'd pay you back."
     Skylar didn't want Xavier's money.  He wanted his body, sweating and straining underneath his.  He ran his hands through his hair and sighed.
     "I did bring enough for both of us and I've already told you that I don't want your fucking money."
     Xavier threw his hands in the air.  "Then what do you want?  You've been like this for the past week, and every time I try to go, you tell me that I can't leave.  So, what's the problem?"
     Skylar had tried.  He'd taken cold showers and left the hotel room for longer than he could stand.  All those nights sleeping next to this male, only to wake up tangled together.  There were clumsy, half-hearted apologies from him and Xavier, but it didn't matter.  His scent and the way he felt in Skylar's arms.  It was all too much and now Skylar was going to do what he should of done the moment Xavier could move without groaning.
     He crossed the distance between them and crushed his lips against Xavier's.  And just like that his wolf settled, no longer scratching to be released.  His wolf wasn't completely happy.  Wouldn't be until he claimed his mate.  Skylar pushed those thoughts aside.  There was not way he would allow Xavier to spend his life with a man as broken as him.  He couldn't let Xavier see what he truly was--a killer.
     His lips moved from Xavier's mouth to his neck and licked along his pulse point.
     "Sky, are you sure?  I can't handle another betrayal."
     Skylar growled at the vulnerability in Xavier's voice.  He was strong, an alpha male, and shouldn't doubt anything.  Skylar grabbed his brown hair and held him steady for his kiss.  He released Xavier's mouth and stared into brown eyes that he'd come to expect to see every morning.
     "I'll never fucking betray you."
     He kissed him again, because he had to.
     "And no one will harm you again.  Never."
     Xavier laughed.  "I'm plenty capable of protecting myself."


     Xavier wanted to punch him in the face.  But not as much as he wanted to fuck him.  Skylar's face reflected his doubt in his declaration of being able to take care of himself.  Granted he'd not been found in the best of positions, he was still a fucking alpha wolf.  It seemed he needed to teach that to his mate.
He pushed against Sky's chest causing him to fall against the bed. Xavier wasted no time straddling the male, and taking his lips.  From there it was a tangle of limbs, teeth, and tongue as they both fought for dominance.       Thankfully, Skylar was as eager to get undressed as Xavier was to get him there.  Xavier found himself pinned to the bed, his towel ripped away, and a hand grasping a dick that had long been in need of attention.  He arched into Skylar's hands and groaned aloud.  It felt so fucking good and so fucking right to have Sky's hands on him.  
     "I'm going to fuck you Xavier."
     Xavier was sure that Sky wanted a response, but he was beyond words as Sky's hands glided along his aching shaft.  Then, all of his senses went haywire when a warm, wet mouth closed over the head of his cock.  It was so fucking good!
     But he didn't want it to end, not like this.  "Please, Sky, I need you inside me."
     He could allow him dominance this one time, besides there would be plenty of time for him to dominate his mate.  Xavier had been scared that it wouldn't happen, that somehow fate had given him the one mate he couldn't have.  He'd had no signs that Skylar was gay.  Hell, every time he woke up in Skylar's arms, he'd been waiting for Sky to kick him out of his life.  When he'd first said he could manage on his own, he'd not needed much convincing to stay.  Not when every thing inside of him wanted Skylar--needed Skylar.
     "I don't have any lube, baby.  I've been fighting this for weeks."
     "My God, why?"
     "I didn't think you'd be ready this soon, and I never bought lube because..."
     Xavier scooted out from under Sky and Sky let him though Xavier could tell it wasn't something Sky wanted to do.  He dug in the bedside table and thanked his foresight.  He'd bough lube weeks ago, and was astonished it'd not been found.
     "I've got some," he said while waving the tube in Sky's face.
     "Where did that come from?"
     "I went to the store while you were out one day."
     Skylar pulled him against his body and bit him lightly on the shoulder.  Xavier's heart sped up at the feel of teeth scraping along his shoulder.
     "You could have been hurt."
     "And I think you've forgotten that I can take care of myself."
     "I don't know what I'm doing," Sky whispered and placed his forehead on his.  He stared into his green eyes and knew he'd spend the rest of his life with this male, and it didn't freak him out like he thought it would.
     "Sky, do you know what you are to me."
     Sky sighed.  "I promised myself I'd never subject a female to my life."  He laughed.  "Silly me for thinking I'd have a female mate."
     Xavier's heart felt like it'd plummeted, like it's shattered into a million pieces.
     "I'm not what you expceted...not what you wanted...I"
     Skylar crushed his lips with a kiss that stole Xavier's breath.  Tongue delving deep within the recesses of his mouth and he couldn't find it in him to fight against the male who'd all but said he didn't want to mate with him.  He gasped for breath when Sky released his mouth.
     "Never think that I don't want you, Zay, but I won't mate someone, anyone...not with my life.  Not with who I am."
     Xavier didn't care who Sky thought he was.  Xavier and his wolf knew exactly what Sky was and they weren't going to let him get away.  So, he did the only thing he could think of to shut Sky up--he tackled him to the bed and kissed him senseless.
     Skylar didn't take long to respond, and soon he found himself pinned to the bed once more, the evidence of Sky's desire digging into his lower abdomen while he lazily kissed him.  Skylar tangled his hand in the one that still held the lube and Xavier gave it up without a fight.  He wanted this.  He wanted Skylar for life, and after tonight, that's exactly what he was going to do.


     Skylar felt like an ass still determined to take his mate, though he had no intentions of claiming him.  But when he'd seen Xavier only in a towel, all he could think about was sinking balls deep in his ass.  And soon, he'd be doing just that.  
     He spread Xavier's legs and prepped him quickly.  He knew he wouldn't last long.  Xavier groaned and arched at the feeling of him lining up his cock to Xavier's rosette.  He advanced slowly through the tight ring of muscle and groaned as he seated himself fully inside the sexy male beneath him.  
     "So fucking good, baby."
     "I know...I-"
     He cut off his words with his mouth and began to move.  He felt like an ass again, but that feeling soon faded to pure pleasure.  In and out of Xavier's ass, his tongue doing the same to his mouth.  This wasn't how he imagined tonight ending.  But he couldn't dream of a better ending.  Too bad he couldn't lose control and take him like he wanted--wild and abandoned.  
     Xavier moved his head and  Skylar howled shooting his seed deep inside of him when teeth clamped down on his shoulder.  Before he could stop himself, or his wolf he'd sank his teeth deep into the flesh of his mate.  One second he was alone, his world in chaos and the next it was as though he'd finally found the piece of him he'd been missing.  And he was so fucking pissed.  How could he let this happen?  How could he look into those fucking gorgeous brown eyes and see hatred when Xavier found out he was fucking mated to a damn killer?  
     Skylar pulled out of paradise and rushed to get dressed.  He could hear his name in the distance, but he had to get away.  He couldn't let Xavier be mated to someone as horrible as him.  So, he turned and run.  Ran until he hit the tree line on the other side of the highway beside the hotel.  And he let his wolf take over, and just kept running.  He couldn't let Xavier be mated to him.  He just couldn't.


     Skylar wiped the blood from the fresh mating mark and turned from the bathroom window.  He had two choices: stay and wait for Skylar to return or run after his mate and figure out why in the hell he run.  He'd never been one to just wait around and see what happened, so he ran.  It was easy to pick up his new mate's scent, and even easier to find him standing a few miles from the hotel, a look of indecision on his face. 
     "You don't know me, Xavier, and you won't want me when you do."
     "I know you.  I know more than you think I know."
     "I've told you nothing about myself.  Isn't that strange to you?"
     Xavier laughed.  "No, not really.  Sky, you're my mate and now we're mated.  You know you can't break that."
     Skylar howled his pain to the moon that was barely visible for all the trees.  "But you don't know what I am."
     Xavier sighed.  It was time to admit to a little something.  "I'm really good with computers."
     Sky turned to him and Xavier wanted to laugh at the face he was making.  
     "What I'm trying to say, is that do you really think I would just stay in a hotel room with some guy I didn't know?  I know all about you."
      "No you don't, Zay.  Not really."
     "Skylar Ashmore.  An agent of the Human/Shifter council.  Has the highest execution rate of any agent currently employed by the Council."
     Skylar's shoulders sagged.  "So, you know I'm a killer, hell I'm no better than those they tell me to execute."
     Xavier wrapped his arms around Sky and sighed.  Back where he belonged.  "You do a very important job, Sky.  One that must be very hard on you, but the way you feel right now lets me know that you're not a killer, not a mindless killer like the one's that you've executed.  And my wolf agrees.  My wolf and I want you.  Forever."
     Skylar nodded.  "Forever?"
     Xavier bit lightly on Sky's shoulder.  "Forever."
     "How did you find all this out?"
     "I looked up your father's phone number and gave him a call.  I think he was pretty pliant because he was drunk."  
     Sky nodded but didn't say anything else.  Xavier turned him in his arms and kissed him.  "Forever," he whispered against Sky's lips.
    Skylar bit his lip and whispered back, "Forever." 

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