Monday, September 16, 2013

Working in the Pinewood Creek ER: Part 1 of 2

I recently spent a week in Pinewood Creek helping out at their ER.  I got to meet a lot of new people and made some interesting friends.  Here's a little insider info.

I was working in triage when Caleb, Miranda, Aspen and a few others burst through the ER doors announcing they needed a doctor immediately.  I calmly walked over to the male who held Aspen within his arms and began my questioning...

Astrid:  What seems to be the problem?

Caleb: She's hurting in her stomach. (He points to Aspen.)

I smile politely, because there's no reason to alarm anyone.  As I look Aspen over I notice she's a bit pale, but other wise she seems just fine.  I place my hand on her arm and am relieved to find her skin warm and dry.  

Astrid:  Can you point to where it hurts?

Aspen's hand is already lying protectively over her abdomen, and the strained look around her eyes let me know she's worried and anxious.  She moves her hand slightly in a circle to indicate it is her mid abdomen that hurts.  I smile and nod.

Astrid:  Ok.  I need only one to go with me through triage.

The tawny haired male looks as though he's about to argue and I prepare to put on my stern nurse face, but as luck would have it Aspen decides that Miranda will follow her through the triage process.  The slightly taller male with brown hair puts Aspen down in the wheelchair and kisses her on the forehead.  The stress in Aspen's face momentarily disappears, but is quickly replaced when I close the triage door.

Astrid:  I can let one of the guys in here if you'll feel better about the process.

Aspen shakes her head and I continue.

Astrid:  Tell me what happened...

Aspen details the incident and relays that she is pregnant.  Soon, I escort her to ER 1C and just as a precaution I place the telemetry leads on her.  I give report to Arianna, another nurse who works in the ER.

Astrid:  Got a 26 year old female that is 11 weeks pregnant who is having abdominal pain, mid abdomen, cramping like.  Recent fall with no apparant injuries.  She's anxious and waiting for you.  Normal sinus on the monitor.

Arianna: Thanks.  Do you know who her OB is?

Astrid: Dr. Sanchez.

Arianna:  Ok, I'll tell Dr. B to go check her out and see if she wants me to call her.

I walk back to the triage room and relate that both Miranda and Aspen are in ER1C and that someone will update them soon.  I also explain the one visitor per patient policy and notice that the tawny blonde male is about to burst from anxiety.  His pacing isn't doing my calm any good.

Astrid: Sir, why don't you come with me.

I glance at my clock.  6:50 p.m.  It looked like I wasn't getting off on time again tonight.  The male follows me.

Astrid;  What's your name?
Male:  Skylar.
Astrid: And what are you to Aspen, Skylar?

I expect he is her brother or cousin.  They don't look alike, but surely he wouldn't allow his girlfriend or whatever to be carried by another man.

Skylar:  I'm her ma-boyfriend.
I'm surprised to say the least.
Astrid: So, tell me what's going on.

He stares at me and I'm sure I need to check the mirror for the snakes growing out of my head.  I've had this look before.

Astrid:  You'll feel so much better if you just tell me.
Skylar:  I fucked up.  I'm sorry.
Astrid:  Language doesn't bother me, so don't apologize.  Just talk and I'll listen.
Skylar:  I first met Aspen three months ago and it was instant.  I wanted her and I had to have I did.
Astrid:  What do you mean by that?
Skylar:  (sigh)  I fucked her like a whore and then left when I realized what I'd done.

I wait.  Silence is sometimes a good thing, no matter how awkward it may seem.  

Skylar:  He called right as I finished...not the first time, but the second time.  I'd cheated on my fucking mate.

Obviously this was a slip he'd not meant for human ears, but I'm a nurse and I wore my big girl panties.  I do believe I can take a few shifters.

Astrid: Who's your mate?
Although he looks horrified at his obvious slip, he answers.

Skylar:  Xavier, but so is Aspen.  How can this be?
Astrid:  Sometimes I think things have a way of working themselves out and I believe you three, and I'm going out on a limb here and including the brown haired dude who carried Aspen in, will be just fine.  Now that doesn't mean that you didn't do anything wrong, but maybe you can make up for your wrongs.  
Skylar:  How in the hell will she ever forgive me for leaving?

I pat his back and stand.  There's not much more I can do.
Astrid:  Trust me when I say she is crazy about you guys.  
I look up and see the brown-haired male, Xavier, and I wave him in.  He sits by Skylar and takes his hand, which Skylar pulls away.  I sigh.  There's a lot of work to be done between the three of them.

Astrid: Look, I'm not supposed to do this, but I can take one of you back to see her.  

Skylar jumps up from his seat and I know he'll be going back with me.  I feel bad that I can't take Xavier, too but it's hard to care for patients when there is a hundred family members.  He gives me a slight nod and a sad smile that makes me want to cry.  His brown eyes scream past pain that I can only contemplate and pray that I never experience.  I pass Destini at the nurse's station and wave hello.  She smiles and continues thumbing through papers.  I leave Skylar at the door of Aspen's room and send a little prayer to whomever is listening to watch over these three.  Something just isn't right, but I can't figure out what.  As I clock out, I wave goodbye to Destini and instead of going out the bay doors, I go back to the waiting room.  I sigh and take a look at my watch.  7:38 pm.  I sit my bag down beside the brown haired male and I begin.

Astrid:  Tell me all about it.

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