Thursday, September 19, 2013


     It's a much needed day off from being a nurse, and I've decided to see a little bit of Pinewood Creek.  It's a beautiful town with lots of small shops that I've perused, but now I'm hungry and everyone has recommended Haven's.  I'm quite impressed with what appears to be a cabin.  Since it's my first time there, the hostess is all to kind and gives me a tour.  It has a beautiful dining room with a small space that is obviously used as a dance floor.  Upstairs each room is themed and it is explained to me that the rooms are rented for private dining.  They are so beautiful, especially the outdoor themed one.  Like a little fairy garden.
     Soon I find myself seated and perusing the menu hoping to find just the right thing for my rumbling tummy.  I look up when the door opens and am surprised to see Aspen walking in the door.  She sees me and smiles.  She comes up to my table and...

Aspen:  Thanks for helping me that day, it was...
Astrid:  Crazy?  Yeah, I have lots of days like that.
She smiles.
Aspen:  I'm sure you do.  Try the Lemon Pepper chicken with roasted sweet potatoes.

I take a moment to read the description and I'm amazed.  It sounds exactly like something I want.  I look away from the menu to thank her and I can feel my smile falling.  Gone is the smile that she'd gifted me to be replaced by one of the most worried looks I've seen, and I'm a nurse.  I've seen lots of worry.

Astrid:  Honey, what's wrong?
She shakes her head and I know she's going to walk away and not divulge her worries to me, so I stand, grab her shoulders and guide her to sit.
Astrid:  Okay, now you helped me so, it's only logical that I help you.
Aspen: That's not-
Astrid: Necessary?  No, it's pretty necessary.  I'm a nurse and it's kinda what I do.  Besides, I'm nosy.
Aspen laughs at that, then nods.
Aspen: I'm just a little out of my element here.
I wait, but it's literally like squeezing blood out of a turnip with shifters.
Astrid: You're going to have to explain a little bit more.
She nods.
Aspen: Well, you met Xavier and Skylar.
I nod.
Aspen: We're....they're....I'm-
Astrid: Kinda in love with them?
Aspen nods.
Astrid: So what's the problem?
Aspen: I don't...doesn't it seem weird?
Astrid:  Weird how?  That you love two men?  Maybe, but that's because society has defined that a couple is a man and woman.  I'm sorry, I'm taking philosophy.
Aspen: That's okay.  I just...I don't know.
Astrid:  Let me ask you this, when you're with them how do you feel?
Aspen smiles and it doesn't take a genius to know exactly how she feels.

Aspen:  I guess I feel...complete.
I smile.  She really has found her mates.
Astrid:  And how do you feel when you're not around them?
Aspen:  Like a piece of me is missing.
Astrid:  There you go.  Don't worry about what others will think.  Besides, I believe you three have a little one on the way.

Aspen rubs her stomach and smiles.  She'll be just fine.  She pats my arm and leaves me to order my meal (which was delicious.)  As I leave I bump into a blonde male who sends chills down my spine and not the good ones, but I shrug it off.  It's my last day in Pinewood Creek and I've got so much more to see before I have to leave and head for home.

Begging for Forgiveness is still on tour with RABT!  Don't miss a stop!

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