Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Begging for Forgiveness: Excerpt

Here's a little excerpt from Begging for 
Forgiveness which released yesterday!!!!  

Aspen woke stretching her body aching, wanting and needing. Three whole days since she'd told her mates that she needed, yet here she lay, unmolested and horny as hell. She shivered at the cool breeze to her back and frowned when she turned to find that Skylar wasn't there.
He'd been distant lately; the case he was working on was getting to him. She could tell it in the way that he disappeared throughout the night. Xavier had assured her that this was how Skylar's brain worked while he was on a case, but she wanted her Skylar back. The one she'd fallen in love with almost instantly.
Well, maybe not instantly. Months of watching him before she'd had the courage to approach him had endeared him to her. Then she'd spent an incredible night with him. She wouldn't dwell on the three months she'd spent lonely and confused. They each had a part of the blame to shoulder for that one.
Hands tightened their hold on her when she tried to scoot away and Aspen smiled. She still had Xavier. He'd rarely left her side since Skylar’d taken over the case. She settled into his side, the easy rise and fall of his chest told her he still slept. She ran her hands over his chest, the feel of his musculature only making her hotter.
She'd come to know Xavier in the three days they'd spent hoping for their mate to come back to them. And, though it was hard to believe loving two men at once, there was no denying that she loved Xavier as much as she loved Skylar. Her anger at Skylar had faded quickly and now the awkwardness of having two mates seemed almost laughable. She had two mates and her cougar purred at the thought of claiming them both. Hell, she allowed the purr to break forth because she couldn't wait to claim them for herself.
Aspen kissed Xavier's chest, then licked a line between his pectorals. Her purr deepened and she fought back a moan at the taste of her mate. And he was hers, hers and Skylar's. Eager for another taste, she slowly wiggled out of his arms and kissed each nipple before snaking her tongue out to taste each one.

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