Saturday, September 28, 2013

Work in Progress: State of Resistance

Here is a little excerpt (unedited, be kind!) from my current WIP, State of Resistance, Book 2 in the Chronicles of JJ series.  The first book in the Chronicles of JJ introduced us to a world filled with Everlastings.  These paranormal creatures have been locked in a centuries long belief that their races can not mix.  But when the daughter of the Alpha of all changelings and the Vampire Prince meet, the sparks fly...Now, they will rebel against the idea that their species can't mix.  State of Resistance jumps forward through time to the present day and we learn that Everlastings are just as stubborn as humans, and their war to end the ban against mating outside of your race is just beginning to heat up...Figuratively and Literally.  You'll meet JJ, a feisty darkling who is more than what she seems, Alex-her  wolf changeling partner and many other new characters as their world enters a State of Resistance!

“She is your new alpha.”  
“If she chooses to be,” he (Alex) said cryptically.  
“I’m not following.  What do you mean if she chooses to be?”
“Everyone has a choice, JJ.”  
JJ nodded and turned to leave.  She still had some business to attend.  Some business that involved her smashing in the face of one lying little creep. She had just made it out of the med room when Alex caught her by the arm, pulling her against him.  
“Don’t you ever jump out of a car like that again Jessica!  You scared the shit out of me.”
JJ looked up into his blue eyes in disbelief.  She was a darkling, not only that but one bad ass bitch if she did say so herself.  It wasn’t the first car she had waltzed out of while it was moving and it damn sure wouldn’t be her last.  Alex must have picked up on her train of thought, because he shook her a little.  
“I mean it Jessica.”
“Well, I’m a big girl and I’ll do whatever I damn well please!” JJ hissed at him, her anger coming to life.
“Why must you always do this?” he snarled, his incisors lengthening.
“Do what?” she snarled back.
“Make me crazy?”  She would have told him it was her job, told him that she only did it because she knew it annoyed him or some other untrue statement just to piss him off more, but it seemed Alex had better plans for her mouth.  Alex plastered his mouth across hers, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth at her surprised gasp.  JJ pushed against his chest, an attempt to break free from his dizzying onslaught.  
Alex growled deep in his chest before grabbing her hands and in a show of strength that left her panties drenched, clasped them behind her back and led her until she hit the wall.  Alex’s mouth never left hers as he pulled her hands from her back and pinned them to the wall above her head.  By this time she was putty in his hands and she wilted to his masterful tongue and the oh so wicked things he was doing to her.  
Alex’s mouth gentled as the fight drained out of her leaving her pliant in his arms.  He never released her hands, but he did release her mouth to nuzzle at her throat alternately licking and nipping at the tender flesh.  JJ felt as if she were going to melt, already she could feel her legs becoming limp as noodles.  But Alex was there, placing his hard thigh between her legs, bracing her against the wall as he continued his leisurely trip to her chest, taking an aching and distended nipple between his teeth.  Her breath was coming in pants and the thigh situated between her legs was causing the most delicious pressure on her swollen and needy flesh.
“I’m sorry!”  The disembodied voice was like a bucket of cold water.  They parted panting and looking at each other warily.  JJ felt so frustrated that she could scream.  She was even more astounded at the evidence of how much Alex had affected her.  Her claws were out and she could feel her small fangs starting to recede.  JJ had totally lost control!  
“I have to go,” JJ muttered as she rushed out.  She had some business to take care of, but first she had a date with her vibrator.

So....when can we expect this book?  I'm still writing it (WIP!), but I'm hoping to have it out December 2013 or Early 2014!  (But I'm not promising, due to work, school...etc!)  

Also, don't forget to follow along with my Book Tour for Begging for Forgiveness starting today!!!!!  I am super excited about this book, as it is my first menage and first with m/m elements!  So, go out and find your adventures in the pages of your...paperback or eBook!

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