Saturday, September 14, 2013

Excerpt....Begging for Forgiveness!

Aspen snuggled closer to the warm, hard body and sighed. It'd only been twice that she'd been the ice cream filling of one of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches, but she was already addicted.
After Xavier had left, she tossed and turned her curiosity only growing with each passing moment. So, after like the fiftieth time of changing positions, she’d tracked her mates to the clearing in the woods they’d chosen. Her pussy moistened as scenes of hardened flesh met hardened flesh in the moonlight.
The shrill beep of her alarm made her groan. Hands moved from her waist to travel slowly up her body to cup her breasts. Warm breath tickled her ear when Xavier whispered, "Time for work, sweetheart."
She opened her eyes to Skylar's green ones and her mouth automatically turned up, a smile the most natural thing when he looked at her so intently. It was hard to believe that only two days ago she'd felt so alone and now she was contemplating sharing her life with two men.
Skylar traced her lips with his fingertips and she sucked his finger into her mouth. His eyes widened.
"I love to see you smile."
Aspen's heart swelled. Skylar pulled his finger from her mouth and looked over her shoulder. Nothing was said, but suddenly she found herself lying on top of Xavier, her legs held apart by his.

Coming September 17, 2013

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