Friday, September 20, 2013

Skylar and Xavier Meet (Part 1 of 2)

     Skylar hated his job with the Council and wasn't sure why he kept returning.  But was he able to do anything else?  The forest was helping calm him.  He always felt the most lost after a kill.  The sounds of grunting and shouts caught his attention and pulled him from his morose thoughts.  
     He ran through the forest and burst into the clearing unsure of what he would find.  Had he been less distracted by the most tantalizing scent he'd ever smelled, he would've been more stealthy, but he couldn't disregard the pain he smelled within that scent.  Everything within him rose to protect whoever that scent belonged to.  Skylar transformed from man to wolf almost immediately, the fast transformation causing some of his joints to ache.  But it couldn't be helped.  The overwhelming smell of blood had kicked him into action, and before he was aware of himself, he'd already ripped the throat out of two wolves who'd been biting at the bloody male lying on the ground.  
     He placed his body over the male and growled.  Mine, his wolf growled within its mind.  He'd already claimed the male that lay motionless beneath them.   The soft moan was like music to his ears, assuring Skylar that the male still lived.  Another attacked, but he easily dispatched him, this time enough in control he didn't kill.  Already his mind churned with conflicting regret and joy at the deaths he'd bestowed.  
     Soon, the group left and he changed back into a man once again.  He picked the male up into his arms and walked.  He didn't have clothes, because his had been destroyed with his hasty transformation, but it didn't matter.  He needed to get this male someplace safe.


    Xavier groaned and tried to lift his head.  His head fell back to the pillow and he loathed his weakness.  He had to be sure he could defend himself in case his pack decided to finish the job.  Despite the betrayal he felt at the hands of his pack mates, and especially his family, he didn't want to die.  In the moments when he was sure that he would die, he'd panicked, and had he found the energy he would've continued fighting.  But one wolf was no match for a dozen other wolves.  
     Xavier started at the hand that touched his forehead and his pathetic attempt to protect himself was met with a deep laugh.  He opened his eyes and was confronted with the most beautiful green eyes locked onto his.  His heart rate sped up, and had he been stronger he knew he'd have an erection that would surly tent the small sheet covering the lower half of his body.  Xavier took a deep breath and wanted to moan.  Never had he come across someone who smelled so damn good.  
     He forced himself to let the ideas of he and the stranger locked in intimate embraces go.  That wasn't possible.  Hell, hadn't his own pack just beat him within an inch of his life for fucking the alpha's son?  Not that the alpha's son wasn't into it, but getting caught had changed the male's tune.
"Brown eyes.  They suit you," the male said while his hand sifted through Xavier's hair.  If he'd been a cat, he would've purred.  Could it be possible that this male was...
No.  He wouldn't allow himself to think like that.
"Who are you?"  
He winced at his voice, almost non-existent, but the male just smiled.
"Skylar.  Skylar Ashmore.  Who the hell was beating the shit out of you, and why?"
Xavier winced.  He really didn't want to rehash this.  But, those green eyes, and that damn scent had him bearing his soul.
"They were my pack."
Skylar's eyes widened.  "I'm not an expert on packs, having never belonged to one, but it's not customary to kick the living shit out of pack mates, is it?"
Xavier shook his head and wished he hadn't as the world spin out of control.  What little contents he had in his stomach rushed from his gut and he was equal parts embarrassed and thankful as Skylar helped turn and hold him over the trashcan to expel the contents of his stomach.  Skylar left as soon as he righted Xavier in the bed, and for the first time since he was a child he wanted to cry.  The feel of a cool cloth on his face and neck shocked him, and what shocked him even more was the gentle ways that Skylar bathed his face and neck.  He didn't stop at his neck, but continued to his chest with small, gentle strokes.  
"Tell me what you did to piss them off."
Xavier knew he shouldn't tell them, but he just couldn't resist Skylar's green eyes and the way his hands felt on his skin.  Ah, hell if he was going to die, then at least he'd die happy.
"I fucked the alpha's son."
Skylar didn't flinch, but did flash a brief smile.
"Well, if it was consensual, then I don't see the issue."
Xavier held his breath, because he wouldn't dare believe the words Skylar had said.
"It was consensual, but this isn't exactly Los Angeles or something.  This is Mississippi, and apparently we're not as tolerant."
Skylar nodded.  He stood and cleaned the room, ridding it of the trashcan full of vomit.    Soon he was back, and taking off his shirt.  He left his pants on, much to Xavier's disappointment and slid into bed next to him.
"Are you okay with this, I mean, there's only one bed in this hotel room."
Xavier looked over at Skylar and wanted to feast on his lips.   Wanted to undress him and feel his body next to his--skin to skin.  "It's okay."
Skylar lay beside him and soon the even rise and fall of his gorgeous chest followed.  Xavier spent the next five minutes turning over so that he could stare at the male who'd saved his life.  His wolf's declaration was all he needed to know.

Find out what happens....tomorrow!!!!
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