Thursday, December 20, 2012


Being elbow deep in the world of Salin has its perks.  First being that it's an alien world that I create and a sense I am the all mighty Astrid...Ruler of a planet!  Mwahahahahaha...Sorry!  I get a little carried away!

Anyways, creating a world and the reasons behind why they had to reach out for help from Earth...

I know it has been done...A virus!  There are many authors who have used this technique to decimate populations within their books and we've seen viral devastation on television that have changed the population into ravenous zombies...ewww, have I told you how much I hate zombies?  And viruses are not uncommon to us-the common cold, chicken pox, and the flu just to name a few viruses that we battle day to day.  Heck, we've even dubbed the tiny pieces of electronic invaders that give our computers hell viruses.

But what is a virus?

A virus is a small infectious agent that must invade cells in order to replicate.  So, they need our cells to make more of themselves...That's right and the best way to think of it is this: (very simplified and how I passed this portion of A&P)  Think of your cells as little factories and viruses as corporate spies.  Now the corporate spy needs your factories.  When they invade your cell using receptors on that cell to gain entrance, it changes your cell from a factory that works for you into one that makes bunches of little viruses.  This cycle goes on and on...

Here is a video from YouTube (gotta love YouTube!)

Now, I may be the creator of my world (Salin), but I've chosen to stay within the parameters of viral infection and bio-terrorism.  I'll leave bio-terrorism for another time!

As you all know I am working diligently on Maria's Match and hope to have it done this weekend (cross your fingers), then I will begin editing and getting it formatted.  I hope to have it ready for all of you sometime in January!  Thanks all for a wonderful 2012 and I'm hoping for an even more awesome 2013!

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