Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Character Spotlight!

A Game of Cat & Mouse release is swiftly approaching...November 15, 2012!!  The suspense is killing me!  LOL!  I'm that person that nearly goes bonkers around Christmas time because I want people to open their presents!!!  

Anyways...I'd like you to meet Miranda Sullivan:

I had the opportunity to interview Miranda before she moved to Pinewood Creek!

AC: Hi, Miranda!  I'm so happy you could meet with me today.

Miranda: Thanks for having me.  I'm sorry I look such a mess!  I've been packing all day.

AC:  Oh, you look just fine, Miranda.  What are you packing for?
Miranda:  Oh, I've just been hired at Pinewood Creek Elementary School!!  I'm so excited!

AC:  I'm sure you are.  That's great!  Congratulations!

Miranda:  Thanks.  I'm really excited!  I recently found this cute little cottage!  It's surrounded by the woods and there's this little flower garden in the back.

AC:  I'm happy for you.  What do your parents think about you moving.

Miranda:  I think Mom's going to take it pretty hard.  I'm the baby.  She was pretty distraught when Brice went into the Military. She won't admit it but she's been crossing off the days on the calendar until he comes home for Christmas.  She was just as upset when Andrew left for his residency.  

AC:  Wow!  Three children!  When did your mom find the time for anything else.

Miranda: chuckles There's also Cassie.  She married her high school sweetheart, but at least she'll be close to home.

AC:  So, is there anyone special in your life?

Miranda: No.  But maybe I'll find someone in Pinewood Creek.

AC: Maybe you will.  Hope you have a wonderful day, Miranda and an even better move.

Miranda:  Thanks.  Sorry to just run, but I've got so much to pack!

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