Thursday, November 1, 2012

Upcoming Release!!

A Game of Cat & Mouse is set for release on November 15, 2012!!

Enjoy an excerpt...

“Caleb, what are you doing?”  
He didn’t answer, just opened the door and pulled her inside.  Any question she was going to answer was lost when he pinned her against the wall and took her mouth in an almost brutish fashion.  Miranda gasped and relaxed into his onslaught.  She didn’t fully understand his motives at that moment, but he was starting to remove her clothes.  It didn’t matter they were in the middle of a police station because her body was already prepared to take him.  


 Caleb nearly shouted  in victory when she relaxed in his hold, opening her mouth to him.  Caleb plunged his tongue within her mouth, his cougar pacing within his mind at the thought of taking its mate.  His hands found the hem of her shirt, and he broke from her mouth long enough to strip it from her body.  He took her mouth again, delving deep within its depths.  Her bra came off with a mere flick of his hand, and he started working on the button to her pants.  She wound her hands around his neck, and he pushed her pants and panties down.  Using his foot, he stood on them while picking Miranda up and pinning her against the wall. 
Caleb moved down to her throat, nipping and licking at every square inch he could reach.  She moaned when he tongued her mating bite, her hands pulling at his shirt.  Caleb pulled back and pulled his shirt over his head.  He unbuttoned his pants and groaned at how good it felt not to have the zipper pressing against his erection.  
Her voice brought him back from the edge of reason.  He cupped her cheek and looked at her.  She nibbled on her lip that was red and swollen from his kisses.

November 15, 2012!!!  It will be available at ARe, Smashwords, and Amazon!!!

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