Monday, November 12, 2012

Character Spotlight

Let's meet another character from A Game of Cat & Mouse...

Meet Caleb Anderson:

Caleb is a cougar shifter and alpha of the Pinewook Creek Cougar Pride!  With brown hair and sexy golden brown eyes he is one cougar shifter the females are finding hard to resist and that's before he starts to purr!

He was an only child, but had enough friends in the pride to stir up trouble as a child.  Did you expect anything less of the alpha's son?  He is still working through his parents sudden and tragic death in a car wreck.  Trained from birth to be the next Pinewood Creek Cougar Pride Alpha, he still found it difficult to fill his father's shoes.

Read more about Caleb and how one special little mouse turns his world upside down in A Game of Cat & Mouse!

A Game of Cat & Mouse coming out November 15, 2012!  

Congrats to the Print ARC winners from the Goodreads Contest!

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