Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you MOMs out there!  I know that every mom is special, but I'd like to share a little about the Mother figures in my life!!

Firstly, my Mother whom I call Mama:
Kudos to the woman who took care of me without my sperm-donor.  Who never berated me for my silly fears and helped me through my social anxiety.  For that special lady who despite my craziness, has always loved me and accepted me for whatever I chose to be!

Secondly, (although no less important) my aunt:
Kudos to the woman who was there when my Mama wasn't, (Hey, it's hard to raise a kid, let alone two by yourself while trying to hold down two to three jobs)  For picking up and allowing me to be as crazy as I needed and accepting me for that without criticism.

Thirdly, my Mamaw, who although wasn't in any way my actual grandmother or family, became the grandmother that wasn't there after my father's disappearance from my life. (It is a long story! But sadly he needed to go, he wasn't father material).  She never treated me any differently from her own grandchildren, and I never understood that she wasn't my Grandmother until I reached adulthood.  So, kudos to the woman who took a child who wasn't hers and made her feel loved just the same! Rest in Peace, Mamaw!

Finally, my Granny, whose love of reading rubbed off on me!  Thankfully, she was the one who didn't coddle as much as the rest, getting me ready for the world in general.  Gone too soon but never forgotten she is probably the reason I began to write in the first place!

So thanks to all you women who have made a difference in my life!  Are there more?  Well, of course, because she may not be your mother, but they can't turn off the Mama switch!!!  Teachers, nurses, doctors, factory workers, bus drivers, and the list goes on and on and on.....but ultimately they are still "Mama" when they get home!

As a commemoration to the "Mamas" in my life, Saving Celine will be free this week!  They were the inspiration behind the book that I wrote while in High School.  It helped me to work through a few demons and I know they were happy that I did so!

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