Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Excerpt...

Good Morning!  Today is Monday and to make today a little less drab here is a random excerpt from...drum roll please...Maria's Match!  DA-DA!...

"She kicked." Maria said a smile so beautiful it nearly blinded him with its radiance plastered on her face.
It took a few seconds for his mind to assimilate that his daughter had kicked his hand. He stared in awe at the place where his hand covered her abdomen. He fell to his knees and kissed her belly still astonished that she held their daughters nestled within her. Maria’s hands ruffled through his hair and he raised her shirt to place a kiss on her stomach.
"I could never hurt you, Maria. Never you or my babies, because I love you too much," he whispered as he lay his head on her stomach.
Maria sighed. "I know that, Silvius, but you'll hurt me eventually."
He looked into her eyes still shining with tears that now spilled down her cheeks. He shook his head and opened his mouth to speak, tell her anything to take the tears away. She shook her head and placed her fingers over his mouth silencing him.
"You'll leave eventually, Silvius. Everyone always does. We're not even from the same planet, how could you think this would work?"
"I love you and you'll come with me back to Salin. I'll take care of you and our daughters. I'll make you happy, I promise."

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