Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to School?

As I venture into another chapter of nursing I find myself preparing to go back to school.  It's been ten years since high school and three since nursong school so with a dreaded/excited anticipation I will schedule a couple of online classes for this fall in order to meet the admission requirements for the BSN program next fall.  So, why nursing and not writing?

There are two reasons, and probably many more, one being nursing is a career that I'm just not sure I could give up.  I'm not a social person to begin with and nursing pushes those boundaries and forces me to interact with people who are usually encountering some pretty bad days.  They're hurting, injured, dying, battling an infection or depression and I'm smiling telling them that I will take care of them.  So I need that interaction as much if not more than they do.  Secondly,  I've always viewed writing as my hobby.  Not that it isn't career worthy, but not for me and not right now.  I admire writers that write full time because my mind doesn't stay focused long enough to write thousands of words every day. 

For all you going back to school this fall...Good Luck! Just know you aren't alone!

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