Friday, October 25, 2013

Work in Progress: State of Resistance

I'm still dutifully working on the Chronicles of JJ second installment: State of Resistance and I hope that my muse will allow me to have this finished before the middle of Novemeber.  But here is a little snippet from the draft and be kind as it is unedited!  Now, just to catch you up a bit, JJ is a darkling that we met in State of Unrest at the very end.  She is an agent with an organization called: AEM which stands for Alliance of Everlasting Matters (Sort of like the FBI/CIA for the Everlasting world).  So, let's get to know JJ a little better!

JJ couldn't remember the last time blood had tasted so good.  She wrapped her hands around the arm that fed her, pulling the blood as fast as she could down her throat.  While she'd always enjoyed blood, nothing had ever tasted this sweet, almost like dark chocolate and wine. 
She closed her eyes and moaned as a warm body pressed itself to her side, cradling her head as she continued to feast.  Her nipples pebbled and her clothing felt to confining, the cotton material abrasive against her now over-sensitive nipples. 
"That's right, Jessica, take all that you need."
JJ strained to get closer, her body aligning itself to the heat that surrounded her.  Her pussy wept with evidence of her arousal.  She wanted this man who tasted like wine and chocolate, that smelled like the forest on a rainy night, and felt like a furnace.  She released his arm, for the first time in her life she the blood she'd drank.  She'd always thought she drank more than normal for a darkling, but her parent's always told her it probably wasn't for need as much as taste.  It didn't matter at this moment though, because she felt like she could run leap over mountains, and possibly even fly.  She blinked, a hard mucled chest coming into her view.  She traced her fingernails, now claws in her excitement, gently over the defined pectorals.  Part of her knew this male, and another part rebelled at the possiblity of it being Alex who held her.  It just couldn't be Alex that had fed her.
She raised her gaze to his bright blue one and her heart skipped a few beats.  "Welcome back, baby."
Part of her wanted to melt closer into his arms, but another part--the part that had kept her alive for over three hundred years--rebeled the almost instant trust she felt for this male.  Daniel hadn't earned her trust so readily.  Instead he had earned it in equal parts blood, sweat and tears.  But it had never been that way with Alex.  She barely knew him, six months of dancing around each other, and she was honest with herself on occasion to admit that this was exactly what they'd been doing.  But she wouldn't allow herself to blindly trust this male...couldn't.
She pushed away from him and rolled off the side of the small cot she'd been a moments away from christening with sticky, hot sex with one delicious wolf changeling.  Her core clenched at the idea of him moving deep inside her--claiming her.  No one claimed her.  No one.
Alex's hand wrapped around her arm and she was pulled back onto the bed into his lap.  Damn this wolf moved too fast.  She hated how her body rejoiced at being back in his arms, how her already aroused body became soft and pliant. 
JJ forced herself to stiffen and pull away, but his grip was relentless.
"Let me go," she said with a calm she didn't feel.
His nose moved up and down her neck before his tongue snaked out and lapped at her pulse.  Everything within her turned molten and her core clenched in anticipation.  An anticipation that she would never allow Alex to fulfill.
"You smell different."
She stiffened.  He was rubbing all over her and insulting the way she smelled.  Well, she'd just fought some damn witchlings and been almost burned to a fucking crisp all to save his furry ass.  His tongue teased her pulse again, this time he bit gently at her neck.  She forced herself not to moan, bit her tongue until the sweet coppery taste of blood filled her mouth.
"Not a bad different, but-," a lick followed by a more forceful bite, "delicious."

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