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Spotlight on Mythological Creatures (Post 4 of 5) Darklings

I’ve never actually come across this mythological creature, and while I won’t spoil the story, I will say that Darklings are a made up creature for the Chronicles of JJ. 

Definition of Darkling (Merriam-Webster)
Darkling:  Dark; done or taking place in the dark

Darkling (definition from my website):  species of paranormal creatures that are often confused for demons/angels and fae type mythological creatures.  They can blend with shadows.  Does have fangs and most enjoy the occasional drink of blood, but it isn’t required for their continued existence. Can be killed with complete decapitation and/or injury beyond their restorative capabilities.  Body functions in much the same way as a human’s.  They have increased sense of smell, sight and hearing.  Like most paranormal creatures in any world, they have increased strength, stamina, and certain animalistic qualities that set them apart from humans.  They are able to meld with the shadows, thus the coined term, darkling.  Everlasting scientists believe that they are long distance cousins of the Vampire.  Like most Everlastings, darklings have what most refer to as destined mates, but they refer to them as their bound or bonded.

When I did a web search for Darkling (Google, of course) I found the following:
·       The Darkling: a movie (IMDb page)
·       Urban Dictionary: A term used in the movie "The Covenant", to describe imprints of dead people that show up in the middle of the night and scare the crap outta you! (IMDb page for the Covenant)
·       Apparently it is the 60th episode of Star Trek
·       A rock band
Obviously, I didn’t go past the first page!

Therefore, they are often confused with demons, angels and other fae type mythological creatures, so we will start there:

From Merriam-Webster: an evil spirit, a source or agent of evil, harm, distress or ruin.  (Such a bad rep!) 
In most cases, we see demons as denizens of HELL!  Though we mostly have the negative connotation, some authors have actually made demons the good guys in some cases, for example:
Each in their own way have made demonic like creatures more ‘human’ for a lack of better terms.  Check out their websites for some awesome reads!
In addition, Eve Langlais has quite the unique vision of Hell!  I enjoy her series Welcome to Hell!  Her demons are, well they are demons and despite their murderous and sometimes psychopathic ways, you just want to...Oh, hell you just want to do naughty things with them!

From Merriam-Webster: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence; especially one in the lowest rank in the celestial hierarchy.
The good guys or so we consider them.  I am rather fond of the movie Legion, because it makes Angels almost human (What a Twist!!!).  No, I’m not talking religion, I try to stay away from that, but I am saying that in an artistic sense this was an interesting interpretation.  There are many books with Angels as the Hero!  Therefore, here are some top searches:

This broad category includes elves and fairies!  There are so many variations of these types that it would be hard to discuss the ins and outs of the Fae.  So, here is a link:  This is actually a cool website full of paranormal information and what not!

Don’t forget that State of Unrest releases August 31, 2012!

State of Unrest Book Trailer:

Up next: Hybrids!

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