Sunday, August 26, 2012

State of Unrest: Countdown to Release

As the release for State of Unrest draws ever closer...Here is a small excerpt:

“The stories are true, only pure blooded members of the species are allowed to exist?”  Nicholas looked at her in confusion, and nodded his agreement.  Cecily allowed her beast to rise, the bobcat bursting through, changing her in the blink of an eye.  She reveled in the energy that bathed her as she changed from human to beast.  Causing each nerve to tingle as her human body faded replaced with that of her feline body.  Nicholas reached down and petted her head causing a purr to rumble through the night. 
“Run, Little Cat.  I’ll meet up with you after I dispose of our company.”
Cecily laughed to herself and bounded through the trees only to re-circle and come back to climb a tree to wait and watch.
Silly man, I would never leave my mate in danger.

Find out more about Cecily, Nicholas, Abigail and Matthew in State of Unrest, Book 1 in the Chronicles of JJ series!

Let their Revolution begin....8/31/12!

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