Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review!!!!

Devotion by Marie E. Blossom

This book is set in the future, where humans have left Earth and a colony of Arcadia has lived in relative peace for centuries...until the Androids arrive...

This book is a mystery, romance and sci-fi all rolled into one that is sure to leave you breathless and waiting for more.  I fell in love with the two main characters, Zef (H) and Xi (h)!  I loved the entire premise of this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good sci-fi romance!  The sex scenes are pretty hot too, so that's an added bonus.  I'm hoping that there is a second book in this, and when you meet a very special Android, then you'll know why...So...I can't wait to see what's in store for Arcadia!

Disclaimer:  Bought the book, Loved the book, wrote a review...True story ;)!

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Author Website: Marie E. Blossom

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