Saturday, January 19, 2013

Upcoming Release: Maria's Match

Maria's Match will be released on Jan. 21, 2013!  Check out this excerpt!

Silvius’s tongue delved deep within Maria’s mouth, taking her thoughts of resistance, which weren’t strong to begin with, and destroying them with the intensity of his kiss.  He angled her face for an even deeper kiss and Maria moaned into his mouth as pleasure zinged from her lips down to her pussy that was already drenching her panties.  Silvius nipped at her bottom lip before skimming her throat with the same lips that had turned her mind to mush with kisses. 
Maria knew she should probably stop this, but from the moment she’d looked into his blue eyes she’d felt a spark.  She’d admired the almost feline way he moved as he gently helped to move a dying Ember onto a cruiser and then into a medical scanner that reminded her more of a coffin than a lifesaving device.  She was supposed to gather information, not fall under the trap of lust.  Though she was usually wary in her encounters, Maria couldn’t help but throw caution to the wind for this male.  She tangled her hands into his dark hair as his mouth moved lower over her collarbone and into the cleavage revealed by her scrub top.  His tongue sent chills down her spin as Silvius lapped at the exposed swell of her breasts.  He rested his hands on her waist smoothing the hem of her scrub top up so that his bare hands rested on her bare skin. 
She could feel her heart trying to beat out of her chest and she was in awe of her reaction.  Never before had she felt as though she may explode with need.  Silvius lifted his head from his torturous ministrations and she forced herself to release her hold on the strands of his hair.  Maria watched as the black strands fell to his shoulders and smiled as she thought of how the color of his hair was perfect for his almost crimson colored skin.  Maria’s breath stilled in her chest as the intenseness of his blue eyes froze her into place.
Such a complex question hanging in the air between them, and Maria couldn’t find the words to answer.  So, Maria did the only thing she could think to get Silvius to understand what words couldn’t express.  She grabbed his face between her hands and plastered her mouth to his, groaning into his mouth as he took over.  Tender and sweet was replaced with a conqueror claiming his rights.  That was fine with Maria, or at least her body thought so.  Her panties soaked through at the demand of his onslaught and resistance was a foreign word that she didn’t understand as he ended the kiss only long enough to remove her scrub top before resuming his demanding and toe-curling kiss. 
She lay back when he pushed her shoulders and sighed at the feel of his weight on top of her.  Maria whimpered when he ended the kiss, but Silvius just smiled before bending to nip at her shoulder. 
“This is only the beginning, mea.”
Silvius blue eyes widened at his words, but Maria didn't have a chance to question his reaction because he returned to using his teeth and tongue to arouse her to a fever pitch.  Maria could barely breathe when he dipped his mouth to her pussy, his tongue teasing her clit mercilessly.  She cried out her back bowing off the mattress.  Silvius ceased his torment and Maria thought she would go insane as close to the edge as she was, just one more swipe with his wicked tongue and she was sure that she’d tip over the edge of the cliff that she yearned for.
“I’m so close...please!”
Maria didn’t have long to wait for him to shed his clothing and she swallowed at all the crimson flesh that he exposed.  Muscled arms and shoulders led to a chest that spoke of strength she’d not yet seen.  A smattering of black hair dusted his chest and led to a firm set of abdominal muscles that she wanted to explore with her tongue.  Standing erect and gathering most of her attention was the sizeable erection that he sported, crimson skin covered his most intimate flesh in a package that made Maria’s mouth water.  Silvius joined her on the bed, settling himself between her thighs.  A moment of clarity made her think of a condom, protection from disease, but she almost laughed at the thought.  These aliens were probably the most disease free people in this galaxy after the authorities got finished with them, and besides she took birth control.  Not so much for pregnancy prevention than menstrual cycle regulation, but looking at his large cock made her wish for sex with this man every night.
She was pulled from her wandering thoughts when he cupped her face.
A simple statement, but it felt as though he’d asked for something.  Too far gone to contemplate the meaning of his words, Maria spread her thighs groaning at the feel of his cock pressing against her wet mound.  Silvius groaned as he reached between them to line their bodies up before slowly sinking inch by agonizing inch into her aching channel.  Maria felt her eyes roll at the unexpected pleasure of being stretched to capacity, her every nerve firing in rapid succession, begging him to move.  She dug her nails into his shoulders, wishing she could release him, but though she tried, she couldn’t.
When he didn’t move, Maria wiggled her hips and opened her eyes when Silvius still didn’t give in.  She loved his blue eyes and she especially loved the way he looked at her.
“Please, Silvius,” she moaned arching against him.
Silvius groaned before taking her mouth in a kiss, his hips finally moving in a rhythm that was sure to take her over the edge quickly.  His scent permeated her pores.  The feel of skin against skin, and the feel of his cock as it tunneled in and out of her willing flesh all proved to be too much.  Maria screamed. 
Maria sat up in the bed as the orgasm washed through her.  Sweet dampened her skin and her breath came in pants as she came down from her erotic dream.  She relaxed a little looking around the familiar bedroom of her teenage years.  Placing a trembling hand on her slightly distended abdomen, she consoled herself with the fact that it was just a dream - one of the past, but still a dream.
The dream of the night that Silvius and she had shared aboard that ship haunted her.  Every night she felt his mouth, hands and tongue bringing her to ecstasy.  She always woke with her skin damp with sweat as she climaxed.  The dream was always bittersweet because she received such pleasure, but her body cried for Silvius to hold her as she slept--as he had on the ship.
She lay back in the hopes that she could fall back to sleep.  Maria knew that she would be up early puking her guts up as her baby made itself known.  She really wished she could go to the doctor.  It always rankled her feathers when a pregnant female came into the emergency room with no prenatal care.  If the government didn’t offer them a way to receive that prenatal care then it would be different, but they did.  She knew she was taking a risk, especially since she’d had none at all.  But she was scared.  Would the baby be normal?  What if they found out it was Silvius was the father?  Would she be in trouble?  She’d already withheld vital information from her commanding officers--not counting the pregnancy--so she could already face charges.  What the hell had she been thinking?
Maria thought that she’d learned her lesson the first time, but she hadn’t.  She had allowed another man to leave her in a vulnerable position and she wasn’t sure how to find a way out of it.  She could have an abortion, but the mere thought brought tears to her eyes.  She cupped her belly protectively and whispered, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

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