Friday, August 30, 2013

And the Race Begins...

Sooo...I started back to school this week (online classes) and I'm amazed at how out of practice I am!  I'm taking Philosophy (thinking about critical thinking) and Nutrition for Heathcare (I can't believe that's not healthy!) and assignments are already piling up.  It is kind of shocking to take one class that has no right answers...because is any answer truely right?  And what makes it the right answer as opposed to any other answer?  (Ahhhhhhh!)  I think the reason I'm so freaked about this class is I really want to question anything?   Thinking (and I mean honest to goodness critical thinking) is hard, and I know because I do it everyday.   Then there is I really want to read about how terrible my diet is?  But I must continue in my educational pursuits so that I may be of further assistance to my patients.  And that my readers is the best reason to be stressing over unanswerable questions and terrible diet choices!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!!

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