Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pinewood Creek is Getting a Little Steamier!!!!

Caleb and Miranda heated up the sheets in A Game of Cat & Mouse, and that's no different from what Aspen and Skylar and Xavier (Oh MY!) do in Begging for Forgiveness!  So, let me catch you up...

Aspen returned to Pinewood Creek and her old pride while Caleb and Miranda were in the throes of the mating heat.  At first, Miranda was jealous, but soon they became friends.  Aspen learns she is pregnant and Miranda and Caleb mate.  Whew! 
In Begging for Forgiveness, we rewind to find out just who helped Aspen into the position she currently finds herself in.  So, will Aspen find it in her heart to forgive?  Will Skylar's past catch up with him and be the death of Aspen before she can?

This book is a menage with m/m/f and m/f and m/m.  I am a huge fan of menages and m/m so I'm excited to see how you (yes, you) like this installment in the Pinewood Creek Series!  I had loads of fun with Aspen, Skylar and Xavier, and I'm planning on you meeting them, too!  So stay tuned for some release day/week/month goodies, giveaways and more!!!!

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