Friday, August 9, 2013

Excerpt: Coming Soon!

Begging for Forgiveness is in the final stages of editing!!!  I'm excited about this release which should be ready early to mid September!  As most know, this story will be about Aspen and her mates!  Here is a little excerpt from Chapter 1!

Skylar pushed the plate away and rubbed his now full stomach.  Another excellent meal and, in truth, it was what kept him coming back through this small town.  That and he couldn’t go home to Xavier, not like this.  Not with a fresh kill on his mind.  Sometimes he thought the lines between his status as an agent with the Shifter Council blurred with those who’d broken the laws—killed or hurt humans bringing attention to shifter’s existence.  Was the world a little better without the wolf shifter that hunted and murdered humans for no reason?  Sure, but how did it make it right for Skylar to end his life?
Skylar took a long drink of his water and sighed.  Now all he needed was to crawl into bed beside his mate.  His shaft hardened at the thought of taking Xavier's cock into his mouth until he lost control and spilled his seed down Skylar's throat.  He could almost feel the hard column of Xavier's thighs tense as he came.  Skylar's wolf scratched at the surface on the same page with taking his mate. 
"How was your meal, sir?"
Skylar looked up into the grey eyes of the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on.  Her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail that bounced with her every movement.  Her eyes were tilted slightly giving her a cat-like appearance and her lips were a lovely shade of pink.  Her scent wrapped around him and his cock hardened even further, his wolf clawing to be released.  Skylar wanted this woman underneath him as he slid balls deep into her warm, wet pussy. 
She gasped her tongue slipping out to wet her lips, ensuring that his dick ached.  He wanted her tongue on him, teasing the head of his cock before her pink mouth took him deep within its recesses. 
Skylar's wolf was no different.  He clawed at his ribs wanting a taste of the delectable female that stood before him.  Her grey eyes glowed momentarily before she smiled and her mouth formed a word that he knew would change his life forever.
Skylar stood and took the female he'd just met by the hand and she didn't resist when he led her from the crowded restaurant.
"I need to tell them I'm going home," she whispered as he crowded her against the side of the building.  Skylar couldn't wait for a taste of her, so he crushed his lips on hers and his wolf howled as she responded so readily. 
Her arms wound around his neck and her lithe body plastered against his.  He was sure he'd found paradise.  She tasted sweet, like the chocolate pie he'd just consumed moments before and Skylar decided not to fight the temptation to lick every curve this female possessed, because he was sure that she would be just as sweet everywhere else.
She pulled back her teeth grazing his bottom lip and a seductive smile graced her lips as she whispered in his ear. 

"I'll be right back."

If you would like a complimentary review copy, then please e-mail me!  (Limit 20)  Be advised this is a m/m/f story with scenes of m/m, m/f/m, and m/m/f.

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