Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Excerpt!!!

State of Unrest takes place in 1900 and 1776 (There are two stories intermingled within the book...) and sets the stage for State of Resistance.  The Chronicles of JJ has many twists and turns, but today we're going to take a look at a moment in time where everything was set in motion...

       Summer 1900
Rural area surrounding Memphis, TN
Abigail Belamy was furious. From the moment of her birth to this moment, she had been the perfect princess to her father’s Alpha status. When he said jump, she jumped. When he was going to marry her off to that slimy Wolf Changeling Milo Erickson, she had agreed.
Thankfully, Milo found another specimen to set his sights on. Apparently, straight-laced and meek Abigail posed no challenge for him, so he set his sights on more feral pastures. However, this so-called diplomatic endeavor was an insult. It put her in precarious position to maintain the fragile peace between Changelings and Vampires. Her father did not want peace, and never had. Abigail knew her father’s hatred ran very deep. She never truly understood why he despised Vampires and Darklings so much. Sure, from her birth it had been the way of things not to intermingle within the species. There were no explanations for the reasoning of such a radical law. It may not be in any law book or legislature from any of the species, but it was enforced – swiftly and without mercy.
It was rumored one of the pack females scented a darkling and she instantly became enamored of him. Apparently, he was her destined mate. She could not fight nature, so they became a mated couple. Of course, it was a rumor so the validity of it was beyond Abigail’s reach. However, if it were true, then the given legislature of mixing between species was as cruel as it was unfounded.
Everyone knew that mating was a powerful bond, reaching within each other’s souls and tying them together for their existence. It was considered predestined by those who controlled the universe that these two people should meet and be together. It was a bond so strong that upon the destruction of one of the pair, the other slowly died his or her soul no longer whole. Yet when meeting your fated companion if you were to deny what fate had deemed so then you would slowly become mad, no longer a functioning member of society. Abigail was not especially knowledgeable about mates, having never felt that urge to make someone completely hers, but she had heard rumors of other members of the packs going mad from denying their potential mate. Abigail could only think of one reason why they would deny their mates – it was forbidden.
Abigail threw her dresses in the trunk, her mind a whirl of thoughts, most of which she would never reveal. Abigail took a deep breath and released her tension as she had always done. This technique was probably the reason she was such an obedient daughter. Being exactly what her father decided she should. She walked to the window, overlooking the small village her father preferred to stay rather than the large house allotted the Alpha of all the wolf packs. The new moon bathed the night’s darkness in dim light, creating an eerie setting to the usually lighted hillside. Shadows played on the windowpane from the candles that glowed on her desk. Abigail leaned her forehead against the glass, her breath causing it to fog. Her perfect, ordered existence was ending. Her eyes a bright green color reflecting on the glass was an affirmation that her animal side agreed.
Abigail’s life revolved around her father’s status as Alpha, his power not just for that of the wolf changelings, but his elected status as King of the Changelings. This position ensured that her upbringing was under the watch of all the species. Her brief fifty years spent being the perfect daughter. Attending all the functions and behaving properly. Giving up a normal existence for that of a figurine, something to be looked at, never spoken to, and never befriended.
A tear spilled down her cheek, as she released her pent up breath. It was time to become what her father deemed necessary for the changelings. She knew this move for what it was, despite her father reassuring her that she was the obvious choice. Despite beliefs she held near to her heart, the world saw females as second class, nothing more than slaves in some instances. Her father sending her as the diplomat in this last ditch effort to save the fragile peace was a slap in the face to the other diplomats. She knew it and so did her father who vehemently denied such a tactic.
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