Saturday, November 2, 2013

Research, Research, Research! (Repost)

In my quest to write Maria's Match I did some very interesting research indeed! Maria is pregnant (as you all remember from Embracing Ember), and with pregnancy comes some questions about sex.

Disclaimer: I can't give advice and that's not what this is. If you are pregnant and want to share sexy time with your husband/lover/whatever, then I suggest if you have any questions you ask your OB/GYN or healthcare provider. This is just from my research.

Can you have sex while pregnant?
Well, heck yeah, at least according to my research. Now, as long as you have permission from your OB, then it is perfectly safe to have sexy time.

Now, the nitty gritty of my research...
Sexual positions while pregnant:

We all know that a pregnant female will have the baby bump...and in an effort to not squish junior while making love these are some of the recommended positions...again, it is best to talk to your doctor. (I can't stress that enough, even if I wrote an epic novel about talking with your healthcare provider, then I couldn't stress talking with them enough.)

So, with that said here are some of the easiest positions for the pregnant female to accommodate:

  • The spooning position seems to be recommended on many websites. This one is where he lies behind you like you're going to take a nap, but instead he lifts your leg and penetrates you from behind. This is a shallow penetration, but it keeps the pressure off the baby bump. Besides, nothing said he couldn't use his hands to play with certain parts of your anatomy...
  • Female on top...Now this has some possibilities. While the woman gets into position on top, be it cowgirl, reverse cowgirl...whatever. The beauty part is the woman controls depth and the pressure is once again off the belly.
  • Getting it from behind...Doggy style or whichever position is awesome for you and maintain pressure off the baby bump (see a pattern?)
  • Also, one can have the female scoot to the edge of the bed and the male can go at it as though in missionary position, but without resting his weight on top got it...the baby bump!
Isn't research great??!!??

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