Saturday, April 20, 2013

Having a Voice...

I've read many times that each person has a unique voice when they write.  This is sometimes referred to as their style.  I am a firm believer that people are unique and being an avid reader I see it with each book that I read.  So it is safe to say that I've got my own style!

I write a lot in a days a writer I am always jotting ideas on a scrap of paper or finishing up my latest chapter.  But I also write as a nurse...we call it charting but it is writing.  I'm telling a unique story about the IV that I started or the medicine that I'm giving.  I'm documenting how I changed a dressing or taught a patient about their medications.  I am amazed when I read other nurses charting because their voice/style is so unique from nurse to nurse! 

Charting or doxumenting requires quick and to the point flourishing and no emotion...well, no personal emotions anyways.  I often find that when I edit I am always finding instances where I am charting when I write instead of writing!

One of my favorite mistakes I'd when I am dead set on a name or made up location when I remember why that's not a good word to is a medication!!! I laugh and change it!

A great example of a time I didn't change it was Salin.  So, where did this mysterious name of a planet come from?  We use normal saline a lot...soooo after a shift of saying saline all night it was only too easy to name a planet...Salin!

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