Friday, April 5, 2013

When Cravings take you over!

Cravings...we've all had them and they've ruined many a diet-thank goodness I'm not dieting but making better choices.  So does that mean I'll never eat another Reese's cup?  Heck to the no!!
Chocolate, sodas, and cake...oh my!
The thing is I've spent my whole life eating terribly, so I can't expect myself to just be perfect!  So, I eat a piece of candy instead of the whole candy bar!!  Probably the biggest hurdle of any craving is stopping when you've fulfilled that craving.
I am glutinous when it comes to food.  I love the smells, textures and tastes of a variety of food.  Add to that my need to eat every bit of something is a bad choice.
We live in a world of enormous portion sizes and I've not learned to say no!  But I am working on it!
New aspect of my lifestyle...Don't fret that you ate the cookie, instead celebrate that there is still most of the package left!  
So, don't dismiss your cravings, because if you're like me then you'll end up overeating that little craving when you finally just can't take it anymore!

So, this week I've learned:

  • Listen to your cravings, and listen hard.  Did I really want that piece of chocolate bar?  Yes, I did, but I didn't want the entire bar and it is perfectly okay to put it in a ziploc bag for later!
  • Portions aren't meant to be bigger than one's stomach!  When you're full you can quit eating and I'll donate some money to a hunger-relief charity so I won't feel so bad about feeding the leftovers to the dogs.
  • Am I hungry or am I thirsty?  I am notorious for not drinking...pretty much not much at all!  I need to increase the fluids in my diet and maybe just maybe...I'm thirsty and not hungry!
  • And last but not least...that damn chocolate bar was way more delicious when it is eaten sparingly instead of whenever I see the blasted thing!
So, what are you craving???

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