Saturday, May 25, 2013

Begging for Forgiveness (Pinewood Creek, Book 2) WIP

Although it's unedited and still not quite finished, here is a little excerpt from Begging for Forgiveness...

Xavier smiled, but his dark brown eyes remained wary.  Skylar sighed and pulled back out into the road.  Nothing he said would change Xavier's mind.  He'd have to ensure that Xavier never felt like a third wheel.  Skylar took the left turn the GPS politely reminded him to take and took in the Cougar Creek Community.  Houses lined the road that seemed to circle the entire subdivision.  A large building sat in the center of the entire community with a play area for children and a large clearing with just grass.
"Which house is it supposed to be?"  Xavier said.
"According to my sources, the alpha's house burned about two months ago and they've been living at the house near the back of the community.  I porgrammed that address in the GPS."
They pulled up to a house whose yard appeared to have recently been the site of construction and before Skylar could stop the car Xavier was out and walking toward two people embracing on the porch.  Skylar barely made it to catch Aspen after Xavier ripped her away from the male who held her.  
Skylar clasped her face, his wolf whining at the evidence of the tears she'd cried.  Grey eyes regarded him and he felt his soul calm for the first time in three months, until he heard the growl from Xavier and looked up to see him punch the guy.
Aspen gasped when Skylar picked her up and placed her back on the porch before stopping his mate from killing someone.

As of right now I have made a cover, but I'm still not sure if it's the one I truly want, so I'll wait on revealing that!  I'm stepping in a new direction adding a m/m to this story and hope that readers are receptive to the m/m/f aspects of the book...I'm a fan of menage titles and m/m or m/m/f, so it was only natural for a story to evolve from that!

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