Saturday, May 11, 2013

Closing out Nurse's Week!

I've spent my week working as an ER nurse and a MICU nurse and I must say that I still love being a nurse!  So, how did I choose nursing to begin with? Well it's a long story but I'll strive to make it short-ish.

We are asked to pick a csreer pretty early in life and by all accounts that isn't really fair.  I've not lived enough by this time to say with certainty that I will be happy being and doing whatever it is I chose at the tender age of 17 or 18.  Let's face it at that age I'm more interested in what is happening now and the futire is a concept that doesn't faze me.  But I knew one thing-a nurse I didn't want to be.

My first major was biology.  I love science in general so I thought WTH.  Next I attempted English Education and then business.  College isn't cheap so some point in there I got wrangled into the idea that with a nursing degree you can pretty much do whatever you want.  Still wasn't convinced but I did it. 

I'll never forget my first clinical...overwhelmed, scared and almost in tears. But before I left the nursing home that day I nodded my head and said...Finally.

After years of searching (6 to be exact) I'd finally stumbled upon something I could see myself doing for countless numbers of hours and years.  I love writing, always have, but I also love nursing and that is something that I think is special: loving what you do.

Happy Nurses week to all you nurses out there!

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