Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just a silly little update

I'm hard at work writing the second Chronicles of JJ and the second Pinewood Creek.  I'm about halfway finished with the Pinewood Creek story and am getting to some really good parts of the Chronicles of JJ. 

So what's going on in those worlds you ask?  Well I can't reveal too much but Aspen is finding out more about her mates (yes mates plural) and their is something wonky going on in Pinewood Creek.

In the Chronicles of JJ the race is on to save the hybrid princess and put an end to the terror facing hybrids.  So is there more than meets the eye to the prophecy and just when will an ancient witch reveal herself?  Phew! That's a lot you don't want to miss!

As for release dates?  I have no clue.  I'm still working on them every free chance I get but I will be the first to admit I've been uber busy with my other job (nurse by night, writing when I can).  So I'm hoping mid summer I can have y'all a new book to feast yiur eyes on.  Meanwhile, Anna, Kylan, Cekayda and Aurum have been griping in my head wanting their stories told.  I'm working on it guys.  You can't rush genius...hahaha!

Until then check out my goodreads for some interesting titles to check out!  I've read quite a few that I think will melt your ereader.

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