Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hitting a Wall...

Writer's block...'cue the scary music!!!!'  

We've all been in the clutches of writer's block, even those who don't write every day...
Remember that paper that was due in a week and you had to get something on the page?

That cursor seemed to mock you as it blinked on the clean white paper in your word processor (or when I was a little younger the blank pieces of paper mocked me with the faint blue lines wanting me to fill it with words).

What do you do to curb writer's block?

There are lots of ways to keep from writer's block, maybe that is misleading in that you'll never be free of its clutches.  But you can step away and take a breath, maybe start a new project, or re-read an old project (or a good/naughty book).  

So, my advice for writer's block is simply...walk away from the wall and find a ladder to bring back to climb over it.

It's not something big.  Not the biggest revelation ever in the universe, but it's something I've actually utilized to keep writing.

So, get to writing and if you reach a wall...find a ladder!


  1. I've got nothing but respect for you. Most of the time I have problems cranking out a 250 word review. I can't even imagine writing a whole book :/

    1. I find it more difficult to write a review than to just plain write fiction. It's hard for me to express my enjoyment or critique anothers work...nevermind the 250 words!!! More like: This was awesome!! Hahaha