Friday, May 31, 2013

Read About IT!

Have you ever browsed sites where people ask quesrions and another user Yahoo answers? 

I love reading the questions and can be amusing ;)!

So I stumbled upon a question from a young teen that asked how could he/she could possibly write a song since they've never experienced anything worth writing about.  It got me thinking.  My life's not particularly interesting.  I don't have a theme song, nor do I have a mob gunning for me.  Most days I eat, sleep, write, read and work...not necessarily in that order!  So how do I possibly have anything to write about????

Truth is I've never shifted into a cougar or traveled to Salin to help repopulate a dying race.  But I face experiences every day that I've never faced but somehow I knew exactly what to do...I still remember my first day as a nurse.  I was doing things I'd only read about and I do that on a daily if you don't know then research and find out! 
Are life experiences better to write about?  Maybe but I personally don't want to find out what it feels like to be kidnapped and tortured...I'll let my active imagination do what it does best weave a world where torture flows from the keys of a keyboard.

So write what you know, read what you don't and let your imagination do the rest!

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