Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celebrating Nurses Week

So what does a nurse do? 

Well that depends on what kind of nurse we're talking about.

First, we have CNAs which aren't technically a liscensed person but just as important (if not more so) than other members of a nursing team.  A nurse aid helps patients complete normal everyday tasks which may be difficult or impossible while that person is sick.  An aide can make or break a shift.

Second, we have LPNs who work giving medications, giving patient care, and more.  I wouldn't have survived my first shift had it not been for my LPN.  So they are also an important member iof the nursing team.

Third we have the RN who can work in a variety of settings do skills such as IV starts, invasive hemodynamic monitoring and so much more! 

And though we may go by different titles one thing we share is the role of csregiver because we care.  We care for a patient's mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Caring may be the most important trait of a nurse because we are caring for people who are usually at their most vulnerable and weakest.  They need us to care because they want to get better.  A nurse thay doesn't care is not really a nurse.

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