Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Countdown to Release: The Witch's Birthday Brew


“Too bad we don’t have something to feed the ducks,” he said wistfully as they gathered around them in hopes of a handout. Genesis giggled, and Damien jumped when a loaf of bread materialized out of thin air. “My little witch,” he said as he kissed her lips. “I think you put a spell on me.” Her face fell with his words and he cupped her cheek keeping her from hiding from him. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“What if that’s all this is?” Her tone was both hopeful and resigned, one that he’d only heard from Carla when she had not conceived within the year, and she’d turned to fertility doctors for answers. He watched Genesis’s eyes fill with tears, one spilling over to trail down her cheek.

“I don’t think a spell could make me feel this way, Genesis. No matter how powerful you are, what I feel is too real,” he whispered as he smoothed the tear away from her cheek. Genesis smiled in sadness, and he knew she did not truly believe his words. He had a lifetime to prove to her otherwise, because whether Genesis believed it or not she was his. “Let’s feed the ducks.” Damien stood and pulled Genesis up with him. Soon she was laughing as the ducks flocked her for another bite of her magical bread.

He enjoyed being with her and loved her carefree nature that he instinctively knew only few saw. He could not help the small sense of pride that he’d done this; he’d brought this happiness to her world.

They walked through the park, her hands within his own, and watched as the sun set behind the horizon. “It’s time to go home,” she said morosely.

“Yes, but I can think of a few things we can get up to when we get there,” he said with a waggle of his eyebrows. It produced the desired effect, and she smiled, her shadowed eyes once again filling with something other than sadness. Oh, he could think of several things, indeed, and they all involved her naked and writhing on the bed as he made love to her.

Coming October 20, 2012!  

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