Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is My House Haunted?

Have you ever felt as if you were being watched?  Felt a cold draft when you walked into a room?  Have you ever felt that your house was...Haunted!!??!!

Here are some 'phenomena' that may indicate your house is haunted:

  • Weird/Unexplained noises, such as footsteps, knocking, things being dropped, banging, etc.  They can be quiet or loud.
  • Doors opening and closing.  Now if you see it then it probably scared the crap out of you, but you may have just heard or walked into a room where the cabinet doors were all open.  One word: Creepy!
  • Feelings of being watched.  (Yikes!)  I hate this feeling, goosebumps raise on your neck and you look around and find nothing!
  • Cold spots, hot spots?  Apparently any change in temperature without cause can be evidence of a haunting.
Find out more:

List of criteria: here
Quiz on if your house is haunted: Quiz

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