Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Protecting Yourself from Evil Spirits

With the belief of evil spirits comes the ways to deter those evil buggers!

Here are a few that I found quite interesting!

  • Wind Chimes?  Yes, wind chimes.  The noise scare spirits away.  And you thought it was just a tinkling decoration!
  • Prayers.  Some people say to recite passages of scripture from the Bible.
  • Garlic!  Not just for vampires!
  • Burning certain herbs, like, basil or sage (there are more).  Now, as long as you don't burn the house down!
  • A violet candle
  • Wearing a gemstone like Apache's tear, diamond or clear quartz.  For the record, there's not much I haven't run across that the clear quartz isn't good for.
  • Mirrors pointed at entrances?  Yeah, I'm thinking this is borrowed from fung shui.  If the spirit sees itself then it will go away?  
Now, it must be said that if you burn something, you shouldn't leave it unattended.  I remember this one time - WHOOSH!- well you get the picture!
Oh and let it also be known that I am not an evil spirits guru or expert.  When I have ghost problems, I call the Ghostbusters! LOL!

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